Saab News Trollhättan: Antonov in criticism, Kronofogden

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

During the last 24 hours we were in a private Saab campaign, the blog had to wait. Yesterday and this morning, a lot happened around Saab. A brief summary of what happened.

Saab investor Vladimir Antonov is under criticism. The Lithuanian central bank accuses the banker and billionaire of breaking laws and lending credits too lightly with its SNORAS bank. This is reported by the Swedish news agency TT. The criticism of the Central Bank could mean the irrevocable end for Antonov's entry plans at Saab. With consequences for our carmaker. Not good.

Also unfortunate, the unions find the 40 million crowns payment to Spyker. The story continues to simmer in the summer hole and keeps coming back to the press. Let's see what happens.

Not at all good is the Tatasache that the Kronofogden now 40 orders to the testimony against Saab are available. A few days ago, when we thought that the suppliers were standing still, we misjudged this time. The Enforcement Officer sent 40 claims to Saab yesterday, and the carmaker now has 10 days to respond. How high the 40 claims are is not known. The information comes from Radio TV4 Väst and is always reliable.

Saab gave the procuration to four employees yesterday so that the manufacturer can act without Victor Muller. It still lacks the CEO in Trollhättan. The chief executives are Chief Development Officer Martin Larsson, HR personnel Johan Formgren, Mikael Sandh and Fredrik Gyllefjord, the latter working in finance at Saab.

As far as the Swedish short messages. There are other interesting developments around Saab and Trollhättan that we should not lose sight of. As soon as my desk is tidy it goes on.


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    Private Saab action? But no 500, DS3 or Mini? 🙂

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      Hmmm 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    ... just let SAAB die with dignity !!!!!
    Such a smeary theater is no longer normal, the eternal back and forth, the justification in front of the people who keep telling you that SAAB would be broke ... I just want to say yes to that ... nobody deserves that, especially not SAAB! !!! You're welcome!!!!

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      @TnTAlex Never give up! LG Leif

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