private: Saab No. 3 has landed!

Lensch & Bleck, Hamburg Winterhude
Lensch & Bleck, Hamburg Winterhude

Looking for a new, slightly smaller car, we quickly realized that it was difficult to find something that would be comparable to a Saab. As a longtime Saab driver you appreciate the long-distance qualities, the good design and the classless appearance of a Swedish car.

After visiting car dealerships of various brands, we knew that there could only be one thing. A new Saab.

The range of new cars from Trollhättan is unfortunately limited. The specification had a “reason-based motorization” and a certain variability, so only a Saab 9-3 sports suit came into question.

Saab stronghold Hamburg, Saab 900
Saab stronghold Hamburg, Saab 900

In Hamburg, over 500 kilometers away from our location, we found it. at Lensch & Bleck in Hamburg Winterhude was a new 9-3 Vector sports suit, jet-black with the 150 PS Turbo engine. Inside classy, ​​with bi-color leather, a very nice car.

The price was good, so we quickly came to an agreement and signed it without looking. On Tuesday the ICE went north. Hamburg is still a Saab stronghold and Hamburg is an incredibly lively, fascinating city. At the Inner Alster you can sit beautifully in the sun and watch the most beautiful Saab`s in all of Hamburg go by ...

Hamburg in July, at the Binnenalster
Hamburg in July, at the Binnenalster

But back to our Saab. At Lensch & Bleck, the yard is full of Saab who are there for maintenance. That makes a good first impression. Our 9-3 is already ready to go south. The premises at Lensch & Bleck are pleasantly different from the usual glass palaces. The fabric of the building is older, because Lensch & Bleck has been a traditional company since 1908. But everything is bright and friendly, the atmosphere in the house is good, you can feel that right at the entrance.

So, the 9-3 paid, papers received and a quick Saab chat with sales advisor Andreas Babendererde. Lensch & Bleck, I hear, will continue to be there for the Saab drivers in Hamburg. The Saab partner recently received 10 new Saab 9-3 Cabriolets, all but one of which have been sold. Nice to hear.

Lensch & Bleck, our recommendation to buy the Saab
Lensch & Bleck, our recommendation to buy the Saab

Lensch & Bleck and Andreas Babendererde get a special recommendation from Because the contact was very pleasant, the purchase was absolutely uncomplicated. The service wonderful. So, three stars from us to Hamburg.

On the way to the south, over 500 kilometers ahead of me, you think about your Saab. Again I drive a current 9-3 which is absolutely top quality. No creaking, no cracking. The Saab feels good. The engine is surprisingly quiet, the 6-speed transmission is precise. With “only” 150 HP you are also quite fast. For the first few kilometers, the Saab 9-3 was treated with particular care, of course. But the 1.8 t, which is actually a 2.0 liter, and soft turbo also get off well in the Kassel mountains.

Our new Saab 9-3 sportswear
Our new Saab 9-3 sportswear

The leather of the sports seats seems, my subjective impression, to be in a better quality than previous 9-3. It's thick, solid, almost like old Saab times. The air conditioning in the 9-3 sports trolley is perfect. The day before yesterday, at times more than 30 degrees Celsius, the automatic air conditioning worked whisper quiet and unobtrusive.

The Saab can keep up with the competition or is superior. Anyone who has driven a Mercedes C-Class rental car, the Saab is perceived as better processed. Anyone driving an Audi A4 will judge the Saab suspension to be more balanced. It's like crying again. In Trollhättan, the bands are standing still, so you could build such great cars.

After 534 kilometers, the tank is still full to 25%, the driver relaxed despite a long day in the ICE and on the highway and without tension at the finish.

Welcome to Bavaria, 9-3 sportswear. Saab number 3 fits perfectly with our 9-5 sportswear and our 9000.

More pictures on the weekend.


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    Have fun and good times!

  • Hey Tom,
    Huge thank you for talking me out of the (albeit cute) Mini .. I noticed today when loading the 9-3 that it would have gotten kind of tight ... dog cage, trolley, folding chairs, Minnie's UFO, trolley, show equipment , oh yes the dogs ... I would have had to push hard until the rear doors could be closed :-)))

    hey there

  • Congratulations, clearly the best choice among the suggested alternatives

  • The result has now become a touch bigger than the alternatives it looks like
    Have fun with the new car!

    • blank

      Hello Anddeu,

      a touch bigger, yes. But my wife drives the 9-3 and I have a good and safe feeling when traveling with a Saab

      Greeting Tom

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    Have a good trip with your new SAABINE!

  • Best wishes and have a good trip.

  • Best wishes and have a good trip!

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