Saab News Sweden: In the north (almost) nothing new

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Yesterday, Vladimir Antonov's hopes of joining Saab were drastically reduced. According to the Lithuanian Central Bank, his SNORAS bank has lent too light loans and violated laws.

The background: The lending to a Russian company, which had previously flattened at all other banks, brought SNORAS in trouble, so that a capital increase was necessary. It's bitter for Antonov, but let's face it. The car from London has long been with Saab in the boat, after all, he is the financier behind Victor Muller.

Once the Chinese start up in Sweden and the EIB loan is over, Antonov can not care less about the EIB's opinion. Because Youngman and Pang Da have already singalized that Antonov is welcome as a minority shareholder. So, sit back, drink tea and be patient.

Saab paid his tax. Today, the amount was on the account of the tax authority, as “Dagens Industri” had to admit sheepishly. A little too late (we think), which is bad, because in Sweden you pay draconian interest from the first day of arrears. Nevertheless, Saab has transferred too much money, the car maker now has exactly 898.912 crowns in credit at the tax office. That's how it is with the transparent Swedish tax system.

There is also something new from the Kronofogden. The number of creditors has increased by 5 to 93. Two creditors withdrew the claims, the liabilities were settled.

The share of Saab's mother “Swedish Automobile” has recovered very slightly and stands at € 2,19.

We are waiting for good news from Trollhättan. But the wait can be long, because there are still more than three weeks to the start of production.