Saab News: Absolute silence around Saab

Sweden is deep in the summer hole. There are still three long weeks to go until production starts in Trollhättan. Even the Swedish press can not find a Saab theme to even close the summer hole.

Comes the production start on 09. August as promised or does not he come? What speaks for it are the production dates, which has confirmed meanwhile Saab. So some dealers told us. Also, one seems to have agreed with some important suppliers. Otherwise, nothing new in Sweden.

"Fallens Dagar", waterfalls in Trollhättan
"Fallens Dagar", waterfalls in Trollhättan

Trollhättan, Saab City celebrated the “Fallens Dagar” at the weekend, which is always a big spectacle in the city. Swedish bands fill the city with music, there is a big firework display and the waterfall does the rest. The big Saab Festival took place at the same time last year, so the city was full of Saab fans from many countries and celebrating Swedes. A great atmosphere, which we hope to experience again at the next Saab Festival in 2012.

We have now driven the first 1.500 kilometers with our new Saab 9-3, the feeling that we have made the right decision increases every mile. has been a one-man show since yesterday. Blogger Marco has too much of a job to do and has to work on his career. That's a pity, but understandable because the job has priority. Marco remains connected to the brand, because he is currently looking for a new Saab.