Saab News Sweden: But news, but not good news

Who does not know that. You wait for news all day and nothing happens. Then news comes - but not what you've been waiting for. Life can be frustrating at times. Something is happening in Sweden, but not the right thing.

The Kronofogden now has more than 101 cases against our carmaker. This is unpleasant, it was at the beginning of the month but only 80 cases and now some have been withdrawn as done. In recent days, various claims have been submitted between 2.000 crowns and 369.000 crowns. No one told the press at the court in Udevalla how high the receivables are.

Interestingly, or dramatically, it could become the 25.07 on Monday. Then the deadline for the first claims submitted by the officer of expulsion expires. There are three possibilities, if I understand it correctly. The claims are denied, then the case goes to court. The claims are not denied, then must be paid or it is enforced in the assets. Hard to imagine that you will make it so far, should enough cash be available.

Sometimes you could go crazy. Trollhättan builds the best products, as I experience daily. The customers wait patiently for the ordered cars. Every day I get mail from fans from German-speaking countries saying that it has to go on. Then you get such news.

In any case, Saab is doing bad press in Sweden again, incomprehensible to me, and things are coming to a head. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes at the moment. Because even our good informants are - for once - at a loss.

Anyway. Let's wait and see what happens. In a few days we are a little smarter. Hopefully.


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  • Hi Tom,
    Cheer up, it will be fine with your “concern company”. Let me know: if all else fails, I'll just buy another one :-)))
    LG, Horst.

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