Saab News: The Saab Day today in Germany and Sweden

Saab 9-3 TTID Aero
Saab 9-3 TTID Aero

In exactly 21 days the summer holidays of the Saab employees in Trollhättan are over and the bands start again. It's about time, because although it has become noticeably quieter around Saab, I still get mails from fans waiting for a new Saab. Or from former Saab drivers who want to buy a new Saab.

In the specific case of a former Saab driver from the Stuttgart area, this blog was responsible for ordering a new Saab 9-5. I am always happy to hear such good news, because my commitment to the brand is not ineffective. Frank, thanks again for the long mail and congratulations on your decision!

It's still very quiet around Saab in Sweden. If I initially thought the summer slump would lead to a Saab story, I have been disappointed so far. The share price of Saab mother "Swedish Automobile" bobbed listlessly for the last few days with price losses. Today the share jumped almost 10% and is now trading above € 2,00 again. Maybe a good sign.

We can with SKANIMPORT from Wuppertal welcome a new supporter of on board. Skanimport supplies spare parts for Saab and the other Swedish brand in original equipment manufacturer quality. Welcome on board !

Saab 9-3 TTID Aero Sports Suit
Saab 9-3 TTID Aero Sports Suit

What do you do in summer when it gets boring? You drive Saab. Not always your own, but also something new. Although still missing the current Griffins, but you can also bridge the time with other Saab.

At the moment I'm in the Aero Trim with a Saab 9-3 TTID4 sports suit. Tasty, delicious, makes you want more. Very cheap in consumption, but power without end. The engine is first cream, which I already had in a previous one Fahrbericht written. With the Aero version he is even sportier and even more direct on the way. More of the 9-3 TTID4 Aero coming soon.


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    Dear SAABians,

    I've been driving the SAAB 20-9 sportcombi for over 5 years - and it stays that way
    I have now with my partner Tobias S. at our "trusted Daeler" in Kiel
    Marcus Lafrentz ordered 2 new 9-5 biopower xwd`s - we Northern Germans
    are faithful reliable partners (and customers) !!!

    The collective moaning only accelerates the decline.

    NOW it is time to act and the "ingenious creators"
    our "mobile experience rooms" with orders
    to prove in their defiant struggle for survival that we stand by their side.

    You don't have SAAB - just in your head, but experience "it" with all your senses -

    The fight for "rescue saab" must not have been in vain!

    LG from the north of our beautiful country

    Your SAABianer Jo.

    ps. in the firm belief that our SAAB`s will be delivered in 2011.

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    The positive thing about the silence so far has been that Saab was not much used to fill the summer hole. Negative headlines were already enough. Hopefully there will be good news in 21 days again.

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    I am a very careful observer of your articles; actually the only reliable source to learn about SAAB "News". Saab I have to say, leaves your loyal customers in the rain, a terrain that may never be salvable.

    Certainly the customers - rather also the loyal Saab dealers in Germany - are the stupid ones. With all the passion and loyalty to Saab, it's slowly enough.

    We ordered a Saab Aero Griffin Cabrio at the beginning of April, unfortunately without any flow of information. Would like to note, it is already our x-th SAAB. We also live from independence and know how to sing a song about surviving difficult and even stormy times.

    But do we have to wait faintly and thankfully for signals from SAAB to call such a vehicle our own ??? Not at any price and the impatience will eventually come to an end.

    Best regards from Rhineland Palatinate and the German Wine Route

    SAABFREAK Rainer

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    Since I do not want to make a longer trip with our Peugeot 207 station wagon and my Saab Cabriolet swallows no 2 dogs with luggage :-(, we decided to spend a long weekend at my (new) garage, Hirsch Ruckstuhl in Kloten ZH, the 9-3 SC TTID4 on loan.

    It was equipped with the deer package and "pimped" to 200 hp and although I'm not a diesel fan at all and don't like the noise of the engine, the car was awesome! The torque and the power were just great, it was really worth renting the car :-D. Soon there will be another long weekend with a long journey and I hope there is another adequately equipped model, I'm looking forward to it.

    After that I just wait longingly for the 9-5 SportCombi that I have already ordered and our two "old" cars will be replaced. It's a shame for my convertible, it has accompanied me for the last 7 years without blame and fault and was (to date) my best and most reliable car, but I'm sure I'll be comforted quickly 🙂

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