Saab News: Suppliers invite Antonov

Vladimir Antonov
Vladimir Antonov

The fight for and for Saab has many facets. On the one hand, the unions and local politicians are on Saab's side. On the other hand, it is the suppliers from Sweden who are by no means uncritical, but in case of doubt always decide on a Saab.

Vladimir Antonov, our prevented Russian investor from London, has now been invited by the “Fordonsomponent Groups”, the national Swedish supplier association, to the supplier congress in September.

Behind the initiative is Svenake Berlie, the outgoing boss of the suppliers. Berglie has openly criticized Saab management in the past, but always sought a solution for both sides.

In one of his last interviews, Berglie openly advocated healthy Swedish “nationalism” in order to strengthen the local auto industry and the suppliers that depend on it. He misses any commitment in this direction from the government in Stockholm.

Still in the balance is the participation of Anonovs in the car maker from Trollhättan. The Swedish government will agree if GM and EIB give the green light. GM has already signaled several times to have nothing against the banker's entry. It depends on the EIB, the approval is unlikely ever after the open criticism of the Lithuanian National Bank at Antonov.

His entry would solve the most important problems in the short term. The share of Saab owner "Swedish Automobile NV" continues its recovery today and is quoted with a plus of over 2% at € 2,06.