Saab News Sweden: Antonov has to become owner

The first reactions about the further delayed production start at Saab come from the head of the Swedish suppliers' association, Svenake Berglie. Only yesterday, the Swedish automotive suppliers have the investor to their congress in September invited.

Berglie now goes back to the Swedish public and calls again to allow Vladimir Antonov as a co-owner.

It is about ensuring the continued existence of the car maker from Trollhättan. That is his concern at the end of his career. Because the renewed delay shows how difficult it is to provide the necessary liquid funds. According to Berglie, Saab has a number of small national automotive suppliers who would be finished without our brand. So Svenake Berglie is fighting not only for Saab, but also for the Swedish supplier industry.

The situation is indeed serious, because now 5 is still burning money for weeks, which is actually not there. Berglie is now using the media summer hole to promote Saab again. The fight for Saab continues. It would be nice if he could move something for Saab.