Saab News Sweden: Production start - press release

Yesterday there was speculation about a shift in production at Saab. Once again, our Swedish sources had the right tip. Hmm. Meanwhile, Saab owner "Swedish Automobile NV" has confirmed this.

Production start is now at the earliest in KW 35. Here is the press release:

Zeewolde, The Netherlands - Swedish Automobile NV (Swan) announces that Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) is continuing to develop its Trollhättan plant. Swan and Saab Automobile continue to discuss with them to obtain further short-term funding. 9 as intended and will be postponed until a full commitment can not be made.

Gunnar Brunius, Vice President of Production & Purchasing said: "I'm positive about the progress we make on our suppliers and it's good to see that we all want to make it work. Production and secure a stable manufacturing operation. 11,000 cars are currently in our order books. The industry-wide summer break at our factory. Saab Automobile Hopes to Restore Production in Week 35 provided that it is ready to commit to a delivery schedule with its suppliers. "

The explanation is logical and understandable, because until mid-August, the larger Swedish companies are usually on vacation. Workers in Sweden are legally entitled to a contiguous (?) Holiday from 4 weeks. Lars, if you read, is that really true? Happy Sweden.

It takes some lead time to get production started at the suppliers and to secure the supply of parts. Bitter, but true.


Source: Saab Automobile AB

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  • That looks really bad! Every day further liquidity is lost. Probably a new start of production without a financially strong investor is no longer possible. One gets the impression that Saab wants to save himself only over the time until the entrance of the Chinese.
    That the recording of the production could possibly be delayed by the Swedish summer holidays, was already known, as before the production start on the 9.8. was moved.

  • Frustration! I can not understand the whole thing so slowly anymore. Saab is always
    unbelievable. I believe that not one of the dates mentioned in the last months has been respected. For example, the waiting buyers, such as us, were informed only recently when the car should be delivered. Now the start of production is postponed by at least two weeks. This is the delivery period just mentioned to us (was already a range of two weeks anyway) probably obsolete.
    It is now unfortunately assumed that the approximately 11.000 vehicles will erode in order backlog. My patience (and that of my wife) is slowly coming to an end. By the way, we have not heard a single word about Saab itself (Saab Germany, Saab Sweden). Customer care and trust building looks different ....

    • Hi Cabriolet_Saab

      Actually, the whole spectacle that we are now experiencing for weeks, is understandable. It lacks the dear and necessary money in all corners, on the one hand to settle open supplier invoices and on the other to start production.

      If there were not sabblog, we would be completely in the dark. Neither SAAB Germany nor SAAB Sweden know what they owe their customers. The question arises, how long will the patient Saab freaks like it and when will the first cancellations of the orders come.

      Equally incomprehensible is the management, which is not able to tear the ship around with good order books. If I'm properly informed, there is not even a CEO at SAAB. If it is true, how can the company policy work and how is SAAB able to act?

      After all, you still have a delivery date, we can not say so far of us, although we have been waiting for our Saab convertible Aero Griffin for several months. It's definitely not fun to drive a convertible in the winter.

      still greetings

  • The negative headlines about SAAB are never ending. Certainly no company can afford it, if - as with SAAB - the production - has already been frozen for several months. Also, you do not earn money without production and the running costs continue to run, the financial misery is becoming more threatening. Is she still stopping?

    So far, my positive thinking has prevailed, but more and more doubts arose in me that I probably would not drive SAAB under Swedish handwriting.

    Without knowing exactly, I still know that it can never succeed in bringing down nearly 800-900 suppliers and making them all come to a compromise. On it, it will and can not succeed, because even here, one or the other supplier will have to close its doors by non-recoverable claims against SAAB. So I do not think that the tapes are on 9.8. or run in the calander week 35. It is approaching a sad ending.

    Nevertheless many greetings Rudi

  • Dear SAAB fans,

    the reactions are very understandable. Hopefully the "silk thread" of the donors does not break .. !!

    Good luck and PATIENCE ...

    Greetings Markus

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