Saab News: The current Saab situation…

The new Saab 9-5 SportCombi, from October in China
The new Saab 9-5 SportCombi, from October in China

The crime story about Saab will go into the next round on Monday. Because the drama of Friday is not over yet. My vacation was supposed to take place “without a blog”, but the events in Sweden require to be kept up to date. That is why next week there will be the latest events around Saab.

The bankruptcy petition against “Saab Tools AB” from Swepart Vertyg AB is suspended until Monday, Saab has time to meet the conditions over the weekend so that the bankruptcy petition can finally be filed. What is strange is the fact that you can go to extremes because of a relatively small sum of less than 6 million crowns. Strange also the fact that an agreement was reached so quickly. Svenake Berglie, head of the Swedish suppliers, sees a taboo broken with the bankruptcy filing and fears that other suppliers will now follow the same path to get their money.

On Monday, the executor of the Kronofogden again knocks on the gates in the stablebacka. Then the delivered claims are due, which will hopefully be paid.

What we can learn from the events ...

Gone are the days of promises and the temporary play no longer works. Also, the 10% payment plan is at the latest now waste, that the mass of suppliers does not play along can be seen in the 100 cases, which has the Kronofogden in Uppsala on the table. A start of production on our own is now wishful thinking.

The tone gets harder, the remarkable patience of the suppliers is at an end. But - not everything that sounds bad at first has to be bad.

So it goes on ...

In the People's Republic of China, Pang Da is promoting the new Saab 9-5 sports suit and plans to launch it in the fall. Specifically, in October. If we count on a voyage of 6 weeks, we must leave the first new Saab Sweden in September. The domestic Chinese press reports that a permit from the Beijing administration will be issued shortly.

It is not without reason that Saab shows competence in the current situation with the series-ready Saab 9-3e Power models. The Beijing government relies on a rigorous reduction in emissions and e-mobility in the city centers plagued by smog. Saab can deliver - a full-fledged sedan, not a small car - and can sell know-how.

The new owners Pang Da and Youngman will not let the big fish named Saab off the hook just before the finish line. They will also not accept that the car maker, has flowed into the already very much bridging money from China, closing the gates.

The current, worsening crisis is likely to accelerate some decisions in Beijing that would otherwise only have been made in September. Anything else would be illogical because binding contracts were signed weeks ago. Now it will become clear how good the Saab - China Connection is.

Keeping the contracts, the time of uncertainty and eternal waiting is soon over and the tapes are up and running again.

The future lies in China. The technology comes from Sweden, the location Trollhättan is preserved. But if the manufacturer emerges strengthened from this thriller, new men will have the final say and finally allow a regulated business.

Lars Thunberg, head of Swepart AB said the following in an interview. “I have complete confidence in the boys in Trollhättan. They are skilled professionals, the best engineers in Sweden. You just need another management and another bank. ”


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    In these times the call for “another bank” is only understandable. But it DOESN'T EXIST !! Climb around with sweet words when the sun is shining, let it fall quickly when the clouds come up, that's how it works!

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    "My vacation should actually take place" without a blog ", but the events in Sweden require to keep it up to date."
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