Saab News: News from Trollhättan

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Update: 11: 49

There are good and less good news from Sweden. The salaries of the Saab Union workers have landed today in the accounts. This was announced by the Unions trade unionist at Saab, Hakan Scött, today. That's the good news.

The bankruptcy petition against “Saab Tools AB” at the Vänersborg District Court has not yet been withdrawn this morning and is suspended until August 15, so it can be re-opened at any time. This is the news that is less good, that we don't really want to hear.

Update: Lars Thunberg of Sweparts Verktyg AB told the local media that the bankruptcy petition had been withdrawn this morning. He was very satisfied with the solution, now you can go about the normal business. The bankruptcy petition is still published on the website of the district court.

There are new perspectives around Vladimir Antonov.

Dagens Nyheter announces ongoing negotiations between Saab / Antonov and European banks to finally replace the EIB loan. Saab without an EIB loan would be finally ready for the entry of Vladimir Antonov, which would solve short-term liquidity concerns.

The Saab future until the entry of the Chinese partners would thus be in vain. So it remains exciting, the fight for Saab continues.


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    Dear Tom, It's great how you keep the anxious SAAB community up to date with information. As a first official act, SAAB is blogged every morning and again in the evening. You are the thin straw that many (like us) are sure to cling to and hope for a good ending…. Unfortunately there is hardly any information about our 9-5, which is currently should be on the tape. It is now several months overdue. Fortunately, we drive a 9-3 1,9TTiD, which we have grown very fond of. A great car !! The farewell will probably take a while, if at all. But through your reporting there are moments when you get hope again. We don't know what other type of car would suit us !? Please stay tuned.

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