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Today was a mixed day for Saab in Sweden. The bankruptcy petition against the Saab subsidiary "Saab Tools AB" was finally withdrawn. There were also no further applications to the local court in Vänersborg. Which is good news. If Saab were a German company, another dozen applications would have followed today.

That is apparently a major difference between the Swedes and the Germans. Lars Thunberg from Sweparts has been, unintentionally, very much in demand with the Swedish media. He was visibly uncomfortable and almost apologized for filing for bankruptcy. In several interviews, he said it would have been "bad if he had pulled Saab into the abyss". For his company the 5.9 million crowns are 8-9% of the annual turnover. It is clear what significance this requirement has for Lars Thunberg. He is looking forward to working with Saab, he said repeatedly, and is very happy about the agreement. Not a word of resentment, on the contrary. There was only slight criticism of the management, which several times failed to keep their promises.

In Germany, Saab would not get a chance from this supplier, and it would not show renewed trust. No payment schedule would be accepted either. The Swedes are different, they stick together when in doubt and - think long term. Which brings us to Kronofogden.

The Kronofogden has sent 42 applications for enforcement to the company in Stallbacka. The amount of the funding amounts to 17.9 million crowns, i.e. approx. 2 million €. As it became known today, Saab Automobile did not object. The highest demands come from Kongsberg Automotive AB with 4.3 million crowns and Fasitet PDE AB with 4.8 million crowns.

The creditors now have a title, can enforce debtor assets. Of the 42 holders with title, only 8 creditors have applied for enforcement, including Kongsberg Automotive. The majority of creditors still see Saab's prospects for the future and are waiting for a future, good business relationship.

It would now be possible to seize property or cash assets for the 8 creditors who wish to collect the claims. Very much possible, the following happens: NOTHING.

The executing officer of the Kronofogden decides how he wants to proceed. With regard to Saab's ongoing talks with suppliers and banks, it is highly probable that the executing officer will wait for the outcome of the talks first and then decide.

This is the opinion of the Swedish news agency TT from today. Of course, there is no guarantee for keeping still.

As always. Let's wait, we'll stay cool. The Sweden Crime continues.


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  • Saab love back and forth but Germany bashing I think not ok. From my own experience, I can say that suppliers in Germany are working very well for a mutually agreed solution.
    Delivery with partial removal of the contaminated sites are also quite common. Apart from the fact that Saab in Germany would not brave the madness of a foreclosure due to leave entitlements.
    Nevertheless, all the luck to the fighters at and around Saab, that this mark is maintained!

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