Saab News: Negotiations with banks are under way

Our Swedish thriller continues. Something is happening for Saab not only in China. The signs are becoming clearer. Saab, or “Swedish Automobile” is negotiating with European banks to replace the EIB loan.

Specifically, the profitable spare part subsidiary should be pledged as collateral. Patents and toolmaking are also under discussion as collateral. So far, these companies have been placed on the EIB as collateral.

The value of the spare parts subsidiary is estimated at 3,5 to 4 billion crowns, since there are 1 million Saab on the roads of this world, which are very durable. The EIB loan is currently 2,2 billion crowns.

For Saab, the replacement of the EIB loan would be the salvation in dire straits, as the Luxembourg loan is the millstone on the back of the car manufacturer. The entry of Vladimir Antonov as a minority shareholder would be secured, and the short-term financing would be regulated. The assembly plant in Russia would become a reality, we would finally see running belts in Sweden. could finally write about fascinating cars from Trollhättan instead of daily business news 😉. That'd be wonderful.

However, it is not yet that far. The price of Saab's mother “Swedish Automobile” has been going down steadily for days. We are currently trading at € 1,61 today. However, the share is still far from the historic low of € 0,96.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Sweden that the negotiations are going well!


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  • Hi Frank,

    I think so ... I've been reading here for weeks and I think Antonov wants to drive a rally 🙂, assemble a few cars in Russia and maybe earn a few euros in the long term. The guy is absolutely crazy about cars 🙂 🙂

    The Swedes are afraid that Antonov will move jobs to St. Petersburg, but I do not think so.

    The Chinese are investing money from the foreign exchange surplus and securing European knowledge in the long term. What's in Speerenburg ??



  • Hi Leif,

    for sure ? Does not matter who owns Saab if the licenses and securities are pledged. Then he has the sole right of determination, one can not grant the patents in extreme cases to anyone, so the value as a pledge would be close to zero. The pledge is only useful if it is also usable.
    Just play Antonov, I think he's a businessman too. at least I hope so because a player on board Saab ... well I hope not.

    Would be interesting to open a small Threat here 😉 Make the whole thing alive
    !!! in addition to the super work of anyway, so great compliment !!!

    1) What does Antonov really want for himself?

    2) And if we always talk about the Chinese as saviors, does not always go out like Volvo, see the great airport Speerenburg in Brandenburg. So their motives?

    Have fun discussing?!? Let's go

    Greetings Frank

  • Course at 1,61? TO BUY!

  • Hi Frank,

    Antonov is a minority shareholder, the Chinese have over 50%. The collateral goes to the new banks. Antonov just wants to play



  • Hi,

    If I understand that correctly, then if Antonov claims these uncertainties he would claim the technology of Saab and not the Chinese?
    I would find it somehow exciting ... the money and the technology would not only be deducted from the Chinese for minimal money (think of what BAIC paid for the old platforms and what value the new ones represent and for what amount the Chinese hope to gain access to them )
    Hope for some comments 🙂

    Otherwise I was really happy to see a 9.5 in the exhibition at Saab Bredlow Berlin today ...

    Greetings to all

  • ... I press !!!!!

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