Swedish Saab Crime: The door closes..or not?

Maud Olofsson
Maud Olofsson

Earlier today, Vladimir Antonov's spokesman said he emphasized that he had “very reliable information” that the EIB and Swedish administration had decided against Antonov as Saab shareholder. The news raced through the Swedish press ...

On the basis of this decision, the Gemini Fund, which is attributed to Antonov, can not transfer funds to Saab for legal reasons.

Now the government is denying it. They never took a position on Antonov, the government always said that if the EIB and GM opted for Antonov, it would, would and in general ...

Yes, and the Swedish government has a strong interest in the Swedish auto industry, said Johanna Martin, spokeswoman for the minister.

Yes, yes, the hot air from Stockholm by Maud Olofsson, the identical text for months. With all due respect to the minister, Ms. Olofsson could actually do without any press spokeswoman when it comes to Saab by pressing the “Start” button on an endless belt. Would cut administration costs.

Okay, let's stick with it, let's be serious. The Swedish press, of course, promptly contacted the EIB in Luxembourg. I'll make it short. No comments on Antonov and Saab.

Tollhouse Saab. Which troll haunts Västragötland today? Did not I want to take a vacation this week? And once you have landed in the mills of European industry, then you have a problem. And we are just as smart as before.

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4 thoughts on "Swedish Saab Crime: The door closes..or not?"

  • The only thing that comes to my mind about Mrs. Olofsson is:

    "Where did I put the plans for the guillotine?"

    that such “people” get money from the taxpayer, a shame …….

    • Another one with humor. Class blog. Class Saab community. I like it.


  • Hmmm… somehow I like the “holiday comments” even better than the “normal” ones anyway - they are somehow (positively) “moodier”!
    What kind of change of scenery does it all!

    • 🙂 Humor is the last thing that stays with us, or 😉



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