Saab thriller: The Gemini Fond….

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

The Saab Story is not for the faint of heart. Yesterday, Saab stopped paying wages for employees, after which workers' wages were paid. The Bahini-based Gemini Fund is responsible for the payout stop.

Committed funds have not flowed. Spicy is the fact that the Gemini fund is attributed to Vladimir Antonov. I consciously say that the ownership structure of these companies is uncertain, and precise information is not available. The Swedish press, as always Dagens Industri in the first place, names Antonov as the owner - or closely related. Legal concerns are cited as the reason for the lack of funds. Another explosive question is where the money from the Spyker sale went. According to our information, nothing has yet been paid there either.

Saab boss Victor Muller is in the US on the way to raise funds. Also a meeting of Saab, Pang Da and Youngman is the week on the plan.

Well. Let's see how the day evolves.


7 thoughts on "Saab thriller: The Gemini Fond…."

  • That's the way it is. In the pessimal case, the play money is gone. In the best case, I can go on vacation with the winnings (wife and children could also go with ...)

  • To invest in a company that is in such a tight spot -> then the investment has to be pure play money and not hurt if lost.

    I also have stocks of various "deadly looted"

  • Don't worry, the amount was very manageable. A total loss is planned both in terms of bookkeeping and in thought. I'm not a suicide either ...

  • Very brave too, I think

    Selling everything that can still be sold and then paying the wages, that can't go well. I don't see the start of production yet ...

    Hope dies last….

    Greeting Frank

  • Brave, courageous,

    I also believe in the brand, but not in the management ... 🙁

  • I bought stocks yesterday because I believe in the brand ...

  • Hi,

    „ohne Moos nix los“ -> solange die der Vorstand sein Geld bekommt ist es doch egal was die Mitarbeiter bekommen.
    Irony aside, Saab's financial concept is very hard to understand.

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