Confirmed: EIB stops Vladimir Antonov at Saab

Confirmation from the EIB. The Luxembourg bank definitely does not approve Antonov as a Saab shareholder. The EIB decision has already been taken by 2009. Only now the bank confirms this decision to the news agency TT

The end of all speculation. I abstain from any comment.


5 thoughts on "Confirmed: EIB stops Vladimir Antonov at Saab"

  • This is a prime example of the fact that we move with all speculation far beyond real knowledge and therefore almost everything is just Kaffeesatzleserei.
    Let's start with probabilities based on facts:
    Does anyone really believe that the Chinese are going to pocket 'tens of millions' at Saab in the shorter past and, together with VM and VA, will not find a solution to secure their investment?
    Chinese are certainly not stupid and therefore I am firmly convinced that the named trio will replace the disaster bank EIB and this very quickly.
    Only one thing is certain: politicians are politicians because they don't understand anything about the rest - an embarrassment out of the ordinary.

    The trio packs that, I'm sure.

  • The question that arises for me is why GM does not feel at fault for providing the necessary funds to Saab. After all, the Americans have used the technology from Sweden for years at extremely favorable conditions and are still doing so today! It would be a small bounty to pay 500 millions of euros to Saab, considering that alone at the IPO last October over 22 BILLIONS USD were taken.

  • If the EIB has already turned down 2009 Antonov and already told the Swedish government, then we have a scandal here: our friend Maud Olofsson (the one with the wind turbines) has always said that the government would have no problem with Antonov if GM and EIB go ahead.

    What is the Swedish opposition doing ???

  • Of course, Antonov is the man behind Muller. He finances Muller. But that's not enough for him.

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