Saab crime thriller in Sweden: Wednesday's…

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Slowly it is time for concrete results to be on the table in Sweden. Because it is getting tight. After the trolls more or less took power in Stockholm and Trollhättan. Maybe the little guys will keep busy with one or the other press office.

So at least yesterday the impression in the Klamauk of statements, denials and new proposals.

There were 15 new cases at Kronofogden in Uddevalla yesterday. The value of the claims is 60 million crowns, individual claims start at a few 1000 crowns up to millions. The enforcement officer now delivers the claims again, Saab has 10 days to respond. So the same procedure as every other day in the stable backa ...

The union union is eagerly collecting signatures and could bankrupt Saab within the next 14 days. Could. But has signaled ready that she does not want this. It would be very unpleasant for the union.

Yesterday again Carlström, the spokesman for Antonov reported. His boss Antonov is still ready to invest 1 billion crowns. 1 billion crowns are around the 110 million. Tata invests 4 billion in Jaguar and Landrover to keep the carmaker fit for the future. These are the sums that are needed. Everything else is play money. The entry of the Chinese, he sees in September / October. Too late. A decision must fall in August. Or it comes a new money from the Middle Kingdom. Pang Da has signaled something like that.

Saab CEO Victor Muller is in China. Meets with Youngman and Pang Da to organize more bridging money.

Massive counting is Victor Muller in Sweden. So far, there has always been criticism in the press. Given. Now the mayor of Trollhättan commune has expressed what many think in Sweden. His credit is used up. Too many promises, too few. Victor Muller is not only a problem for the Swedish media. Swedish friends tell us that local suppliers also see a problem in the Saab CEO. For the Sweden he has mutated, from Saab rescuers to the problem case. Somehow tragic.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, the voices that are for a Saab bankruptcy are increasing. Also the Saab friendly press like the Svenska Dagbladet plays with the idea. Muller is responsible for a torturous siege of Saab. Irresponsible to employees and suppliers.

Maybe there will be a subsequent restart. Maybe with Chinese millions. But definitely without Victor Muller.

Behind the scenes, a lot is happening. Everything is currently open, everything in motion. Nothing is decided. Everything possible.

And as I said. Giving up is not.


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  • At the risk of repeating myself, from my point of view Saab would be a “perfect match” for Tata, should they still be able to make a billion euros easily, that would be the best solution.

    Because I think € 50 million there, € 50 million there is simply not enough. In Switzerland we call this the “paving policy”. Someone has to make at least € 250 million as quickly as possible, more would be better. Because just producing is not enough, afterwards millions have to be invested in advertising and trust, that doesn't come for free.

    Although I am confident that Saab will make it, but I would be very happy if the uncertainty slowly but surely come to an end.

    In this sense Griffin up

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