Saab fans and their cars: Saab fan Jost from Baden

Jost and his new Saab 9-3
Jost and his new Saab 9-3

There are people who are especially loyal to their brand. Although the Saab fans are basically all very loyal, they are reluctant to change brands and when they have changed, they cry their old Saab.

Jost from Baden in Austria is loyal and has been driving Saab since 1968. You can see from his clothing that he is still Saab Mann with body and soul. Sporty, sporty - hats off, Jost. He started with a Saab 99L, followed by two Saab 900 Turbo and two Saab 9000.

Jost still mourns his Saab 9000 CSE afterwards, which I can understand very well. This was followed by a 9-5 biopower, with which he was not so happy. Now he drives a beautiful Saab 9-3 TiD, deer of course, with a deer sports steering wheel and 17 ″ rims. Great.

Saab Fan Jost with Saab 99
Saab Fan Jost with Saab 99

Jost could be a role model for some of us. My dear friend Horst, who is close to my heart, once had a Saab 99 Combo Cigarette, but has changed to a different brand over the years. Maybe he'll come back with a 9-5 four-wheel drive sports car. How about ? 😉


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    Oh Tom, nice text ...
    you should never never say ... is there any four-wheel drive at Saab?
    Touched by heart, your old med5 companion Horst.

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      Hello Horst,
      Thank you :-). Saab has the best four-wheel drive in the world. Wait until autumn ...
      See you in Erlangen, right.

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    No, didn't know (there is simply an “About me / us” page missing here) !!! 😉 ;-(

    If you like like!
    I would be very interested and grateful! 🙂
    I have already devoured your texts to BioPower and therefore get really on the idea.

    So I tend so the next purchase (which I always go out / hope) to a BioPower Saab!
    (just not sure anymore when ... 2011 or 2012)

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    Why is Jost dissatisfied with the 9-5 Biopower?
    Lags more on the 9-5 or on the Biopower concept?

    I'm interested because Biopower is supposed to be a bit more “environmentally friendly”.

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      Hello Mac 9-5,

      The BioPower was chromed, and if I understand Jost correctly, it's the 9-5 and not the Biopower Concept. But maybe Jost will add something to that.



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        Thanks Tom for the info.

        I am always superior ...

        If new car then what / with / when?
        a) BioPower (find the interesting for the present time and after the information from here and Saab, Tanke would be close too)
        b) Diesel rather not (driving relatively little a year)
        c) Hybrid not either (think that's a “sham” and rather something for certain because of the 2 drives, weight, etc.)
        d) Electric (I think here in D is a little too early as I think, and are batteries in quantities because sooo more environmentally friendly?)
        e) natural gas (well, of that I hold very little)
        f) LPG (well, there are at least Europe-wide)

        Since a new car should last for 5-10 years, you (or I) get into a quandary.
        Buy another gasoline engine now, continue driving for 1-4 years “olle cucumber” and then hope for an electric car or reach some compromise?

        Therefore, I wanted to have some experience with Biopower and have checked here.

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          Hi mac9-5,

          I drive a Saab 9-5 BioPower. Anniversary of 2007. Saab is 01.

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        Hello Mac 9-5
        I bought the Biopower 2009, at that time the price difference between gasoline and ethanol was 35 cent. In the meantime, he reduced to 7 cent, it was unprofitable, since he consumed with ethanol to 3 liters more. He also had a shorter maintenance intervals. The car itself was very good only it bothered me very much that the word SAAB on the radiator grille was missing. That's why I switched to the 9,3.
        LG Jost

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          Ah, thank you very much for the info! Very nice! 🙂
          That makes it look a bit different, at least financially ... 🙁

          Greetings from the north ...

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