Saab News: Government expects new EIB decision

Vladimir Antonov, one more chance?
Vladimir Antonov, one more chance?

In principle, we live in Sweden a tangible scandal in terms of Saab. The EIB has decided that 2009 will not allow Antonov to own the property, Saab has worked hard for several months to get Antonov into the company as a real estate buyer or shareholder. That cost money and a lot of time. Time the Saab could be missing now.

I think that anyone who has such a great investment and development bank to promote industry in Europe needs at least no more enemies. For that we send our taxpayers money to Brussels.

The question remains, did the Swedish government know about this decision? It seems so, and this is scandal number 2. Let us remember the words of Maud Olofsson's endless band on Saab. I have the following text in my ear: "If the EIB decides, if GM decides, then we will also say yes ..." This text for months in the knowledge of the truth. Phew, Ms. Olofsson, that's embarrassing. Resignation!

In any case, Stockholm is now awaiting a recent assessment by Vladimir Antonov of the EIB in Luxembourg. Catharina Håkansson Boman, of Maud Olofsson's ministry, told the press. The current situation has changed since the decision was taken, and it may be that the EIB is considering changing the decision.

The decision will probably be made when the factory gates have been finally closed. Or we are surprised and decisions are made promptly. Hops, that will happen when Easter and Christmas fall on one day and Reinfeldt swaps his BMW for a Saab. Okay, back to the serious situation ...

Paul Akerlund, our mayor in Trollhättan, I think he's from the Swedish Social Democratic Party, has been terribly upset today. The fact that Saab has been working for Antonov for two years and is watching the government instead of supporting Saab and the jobs frustrates him.

Bo Lundgren of the National Debt Administration said today that he knew of 2009's decision. Since then, a lot has changed, he sees no reason not to accept Antonov.

Trolls in summer. Are the trolls particularly active during the Swedish summer holidays, or what's going on in the north? As wrote the reader Marcus today "reading coffee grounds". Right. If only I were to read the coffee grounds, then that would be fine. But apparently the whole Swedish press reads coffee grounds. Since 2009.


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  • Thank you Tom,
    for all your dedication and also for this painful info.

    So it all depends on the Chinese "silk thread" and rather less on a Swedish steel cable ??!

    Time is ticking and ticking ...

    Best regards and all the best in this grueling, energetic
    consuming SAAB episode.


    • blank

      Thanks, Mark,

      after all, that makes my Swedish better. Good for the fall in Sweden

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