Saab Lage: patience, patience, patience ...

Update: 11: 40

If I look at yesterday's Saab day, I'm still speechless. The behavior of the Swedish Government and the immobility of the EIB are difficult to explain. Even what takes place in the minds of Swedish politicians is a mystery.

Swedish gross domestic product grew by 5.3% in the second quarter. Against the background of these figures, Reinfeldt probably thinks he can do without manufacturing. Our American friends thought so too. The current situation of the USA needs no interpretation.

The German engine and business press reacts negatively to the situation. Continuous. No matter if we read Autoblog, Store Manager, Autobild, or RP-Online, We could extend the list arbitrarily.

Right now, when we look at the facts, everything is open. More than ever. Muller is negotiating with Pang Da and Youngman. The Chinese, the famous silk thread (Thanks Mark!), Are firmly in the boat. The contracts are binding, funds have already flowed. The thread is Saab's future.

The fact that they have not given up in Trollhättan can be seen in the ongoing development work, the leading production specialists and engineers are traveling in China. The workforce is being held in pain to continue to build good cars.

Saab could also do without existing tapes in order backlog on the part of the workforce, but does not do it because China is on the agenda.

We must have patience. That's where we have practice. The week was awful, without question. The next week will not be much better.

Nevertheless, and that's why, we drive our Swedish cars with pride, we show flag. The road to Saab is not easy, but nobody promised that either.

Let us support ours retailers., The spare parts supply works. The parts from Nyköping come as usual, I experienced it on my Saab 9000 this week.

The blog believes in a future for Trollhättan. Some buy “Swedish Automobil” stocks that tested the € 1.29 mark today. The others invest in more web space. We are moving to a new server in August. We need more space and performance. And we have more plans for Saab. It costs money, but Saab is worth it to us.

Have a good weekend. Keep on Saabing and take Car!


Update: The stock of “Swedish Automobile shows extreme fluctuations today. In the meantime, the paper climbed from 1.29 € to 1.65 €, currently we are in Amsterdam at 1.58 €. The trend is rising for the first time in days. We shouldn't interpret too much into it. But an upward trend is better than a downward trend ...