Saab News: Confusion about Antonov and more ...

Victor Muller and his millions
Victor Muller and his millions

Sweden is the place where today tragedy and comedy touch and kiss gently. The comedy, and with it the confusion of all involved, around Vladimir Antonov continues.

The Russian banker, who has meanwhile been dubbed a speculator by parts of the Swedish press, threatened to sue parts or individual members of the government today. The reason is that he failed to join Saab and the government withholding important information. Some Swedish newspapers have already headlined “Antonov sues Reinfeldt”.

The confusion continued when the government announced it would consult the EIB in Luxembourg to straighten out the matter with Antonov. Because, you probably knew about the decision of 2009, but was of the opinion that the facts have changed at the longest. The government has received a report from the National Debt Administration authorizing the entry of Antonov. The government thought, according to Catharina Hakansson Boman from the Ministry of Economy, that it was an ongoing process, including with the EIB. So the comedy about Antonov continues.

A campaign against Victor Muller drives Dagens Industri. However, the guns used to shoot Muller are more runaways and old chasms.

Today Dagens Industri headlined "Hit even Mullers Saabmiljoner" and meant the island of Curacao on the Muller in his Latin American Tug Holding an incredible 4 million hidden. Crowns, however, not euros. Enough to buy a neat one-family house in the Frankfurt am Main area. The big article was about the long-known fact that the Saab boss received this money last year as an expense allowance.

A Swedish reader by the name of “Patrik” commented on the article on the Internet with “Det var en väldigt long article for 4 mijoner kr!”. You don't have to know Swedish to understand that.

During the day the shelling from Gothenburg continued and the comedy turned into a tragedy. Under the title, "Guldregnet fortsätter", the 40 million crowns for the Spyker management were pilloried as a management expense last year. This payment was justified somewhat ineptly as legal advice related to GM's Saab sale to Spyker. Swam over it.

The fact that Spyker - or Swedish Automobile Management is taking a similar amount of “management expenses” from Saab this year - has turned into a tragedy and a stupid (sorry) publicity. Ms. Gunilla Gustavs from Saab confirms in an email (!) To Dagens Industri that it will be “a relatively high level in 2011 too”. Ouch.

Isn't the blogger openly asking what? For the longest idle automobile factory in the world, or how. The entry in the Guinness Book of Stupidest Records is therefore certain. How about foregoing this sum of 40 million and paying the supplier IAC for it, who has delivered excellent products and is waiting very patiently and loyally for his money?

Man folks, in case anyone hears me in Holland. Here I write my fingers sore "pro Saab". Then you get something like that - also from the Saab press office - blown around the ears.

Now is enough. I turn off the computer, disappear into the beer garden.

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  • blank

    Dear Tom,
    I almost do not dare to look into your blog anymore. But apparently I'm so masochistic and read here every day the horror news. I am so very sorry for our great brand SAAB.
    Damn it, they have an order of 10.000 cars. That does not give you that you can not get the store up and running.
    How nice it would be if the management did not have to worry about permanent fundraising but about new SAAB models.

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