Saab: Who is swimming against the current needs strength

Who is swimming against the current needs strength
Who is swimming against the current needs strength

To ensure its competitiveness, Saab provides a 14.000 square meter technical center, with wind tunnel, acoustic laboratory, materials laboratory, engine test bench, climate chamber and fully computerized development departments. And something else these investments ensure.

If new setbacks prevent Saab from operating profitably as carmakers, then the company could make its way as a center for development and innovation.

Sounds current, but it is not. A 1997 Saab text from Erik Dymock's “Half a Century of Progress”. Back then, Saab had been through difficult times, too. The idea was then to give up car production.

Saab has survived these crises, as have all crises before. I write that because next week we might face bad news from Sweden again. But could not have. We should always remember that this is not the first crisis Saab is experiencing. And that we too will survive this crisis.

Saab man Dieter emailed us as the “encourager” for the fans, as he says, the Saab photo with the slogan “If you swim against the current, you need strength”. Thanks Dieter for the motivation boost!

Because Dieter does not give up, proves Saab Spirit, and continues to fight daily for our brand from Trollhättan. We will not give up and, even in difficult situations, keep blogging for Saab. Let's always remember, the products are class, the factory is state of the art, the engineers the best in Sweden. The workforce, which is experiencing a difficult time, is behind the brand. Great new products are in the pipeline.

No reason to paint the sails. No matter how strong the wind blows in our face.