Saab News: Saab, Antonov, the EIB and no end

Saab plant Trollhättan
Saab plant Trollhättan

Last week it was announced with a bang that the EIB in Luxembourg rejects the Russian investor Antonov. This decision was already taken by 2009, but only now communicated to the public and Antonov. Antonov meanwhile invests his money in other things, gold deposits, for example.

As Bloomberg reports today, and Saab Fan Alexandros sent us (thanks!), The banker, with his Finasta Investment Company, is investing US $ 400 million in gold mines in the former USSR, Africa and Latin America. Alexandros said “A cheer to the Swedish industrial policy”, which he is right.

Behind the scenes of the EIB is what the EIB spokesman Pär Isaksson told the news agency TT. Alone, I do not believe in the EIB. Too much has been advanced and stalled in recent months. The Luxembourg shop, which we pay with our taxpayers, has come to the lowest level of credibility for me. I do not think of a European industrial policy in a united Europe as it is in Luxembourg.

Anyway. The Swedish TT news agency reports that the EIB is holding talks with investors (please note: majority) to find a solution for Saab. The EIB “paves the way for new investors” in collaboration with Saab and the Swedish government.

When asked by the TT, the Pressemann did not want to give any names, but emphasized once again that “there are currently several (investors)”. Hmm. Several investors for Saab. Sounds good at first, but is not yet precise enough.

Okay, let us surprise you. Let's sit back comfortably, enjoy the day and see what happens there.


2 thoughts on "Saab News: Saab, Antonov, the EIB and no end"

  • Investors sound good. Hopefully investors who drive our brand and who like the bank. Hopefully the solution will come soon!


  • blank

    Hi all!

    This Pär Isaksson (EIB) seems to be a very decent fellow - maybe, as a SAAB fan community, you should get a few details out of him (time is really pressing when it comes to SAAB)!

    Unfortunately, I have the impression that the EIB delay tactic is about to start again here ......

    So relaxed I can not really go back to this nebulous EIB statement.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein
    Detlef Rudolf

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