July 2011: Six Months

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 review, the most read article
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 review, the most read article

Our Saab blog has now become 6 months old. Also in July, our desire to stop writing about Swedish crises was not fulfilled. Unfortunately.

But the blog has also developed well in the last month and new, exciting possibilities are emerging. moves to a new server with more power and more space next week.

Because, Saab should someday build cars again in the near future, and it is working hard in Trollhättan, then come more reviews of the current models.

The future - more reviews

It is a cooperation with a very dedicated Saab center, which would make us current Saab available. Our readers could then read reviews of Saab drivers for Saab drivers with the truly interesting facts.

Incredible 574 articles have been written since February. The most read article is from the 30. May and is our review of the Saab 9-3 TTiD4. The test report about the Saab with the strong and environmentally friendly diesel was read more than 2000 times. More readers come every day, which shows the strong interest in Saab and at the same time gives an idea of ​​what the blog could be for Saab.

Germany, a Saab desert?

Last month we had a little more than 60.000 visitors, so we approached the 70.000 brand in July despite the holiday season. Not bad, for a small, national blog in German. I'm still surprised when I look at the numbers of visitors.

If you compare the number of visitors with “Saabbsunited”, the large, international blog, you will notice that we have about 10% of the volume. 720.000 visitors visited Saabsunited in July. Why is this value interesting?

Germany, and the German-speaking countries are not necessarily the strongest markets for Saab. They are, unfortunately, Saab deserts. But the interest is there and the potential for Saab too. Almost 70.000 visitors should encourage the brand for the future.

Donations for the blog

The blog takes a lot of time, the new server costs money. We would be pleased, if readers who like our style and blog donate a small amount over the PayPal Button. In recognition of the work behind it. For the expansion and for the realization of our ideas which we would like to implement in the coming months.

Because we believe in Saab and in the future. A warm “Thank you” for all donations!


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  • It would be nice if the vehicles could stand in the spotlight again in the future and the boat with the thread on board could leave the stormy sea to moor on land. (If it can be organized, why not occasionally take readers with you to driving reports.)

    I also think that there is a potential in German-speaking countries. Ask yourself how it is to address (or why it is little used).

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