Saab News: Swedish all sorts around Saab

The short-term solution via the GEM investment fund was not what we hoped for. The long wait and the uncertainty continue.

In Sweden currently comes to little really helpful on Saab. Lars Carlström, the voice of Antonov in Sweden, has written a hot topic for Svenska Dagbladet, accusing Minister Maud Olofsson of incompetence. Is that helpful? The translation I save, because Carlström repeats the things we have heard for months.

For Victor Muller it could be very close in Sweden, the Saab rescue goes awry. Due to the constantly new money for wages he could be guilty of bankruptcy and creditor favoritism. This is what bankruptcy experts in several Swedish media write today.

The silk thread from China is still Youngman, and it is hoped that Saab will soon come to a solution. But there are (still) not concrete.

Jörg Hellman, Swedish member of parliament from Lilla Edet, a neighboring municipality of Trollhättan is planning a lawsuit against Maud Olofsson and Anders Borg. Ees is about the role of ministers in the Saab drama with the EIB loan and investor Antonov. Hellman wants to call the parliamentary committee of inquiry.

Anything that increases the pressure on the Swedish government can be helpful.

We would like to write about cars, but there is currently little to report. Family Car Guide writes today the Saab 9-3 and notes that ironically, Saab has the best model range in years, the future is still uncertain.

There's nothing to add.