Saab share: Swedish Automobile share price continues to rise is now finally declining to the business blog. After we see no production, we can at least watch the course of the Saab mother “Swedish Automobile”. The price has currently stabilized at € 1.70, which would be a gain of more than 40% and a nice speculation gain.

Supposedly a “big American investor” is at the door. With Victor Muller, everything is large and station-based, and then shrinks to dwarf size very quickly. That wasn't quite fair now, admittedly, but it had to get out. Sorry to all VM fans.

The Swedish Ministry of Economic Affairs published a letter today in response to Lars Carlstöm's indictment in recent days. State Secretary Catharina Hakansson Boman assures Saab that she is friendly and rejects Mr Carlström's crude conspiracy theories. The style is much more factual and one sentence sums up the whole story. “Ultimately, Saab's management is responsible for the company's success”. Not the government. How true.

The suppliers keep still. That is amazing. The toolmaker Sweparts who recently filed for bankruptcy against the Saab subsidiary “Saab Tools” has been satisfied with 10% of the claim amount and expects the rest in September. Only Kongsberg Automotive wants more than 10% of its 4.3 million crowns and continues to enforce. Negotiate at the same time to get a little more than the promised 10%.

An agreement has also been reached with the advertising agency Lowe Brindfors, who has been patiently waiting for the money since Xnumx in November. And in the autumn, when the factory is up and running again, Lowe Brindfors will once again be Saab's advertising partner. That makes me especially happy, as Lowe Brindfors' ideas workshop is home to such great spots as the Turbo Gene test.

Are amazing the Swedish Saab partners.