Saab wages are paid, GEM, the blogger new Saab

Wages of 1600 in the Union organized Saab employees will be paid tomorrow. This was reported by the union. Saab has once again bypassed a cliff before the shipwreck threatened.

The GEM Investment Fund today started selling 5 millions of new shares in the market. The rumor of an American investor was not unwelcome, the stock has a turbulent day behind him.

From the starting price, which was 1.19, the course climbed to 1.72 and later smeared down to € 1.12 with turbulent jumps. Trading was temporarily stopped by the automated security systems - but this has more to do with the development of the global stock exchanges. At 18:33 p.m., the price was again at € 1.50, almost 3,8 million shares were traded today. Who benefited the most from these price jumps? Hmm. 😉

With the 5 million shares one has more than 10% of the Swedish automobile stocks, which everyone can buy. Also Vladimir Antonov, where the Swedish press again sees a problem. For changes in ownership structure that exceed 10% must be reported and approved to the EIB and the government. Assuming Antonov buys, he will probably invest through several of his companies and thus remain under the 10% hurdle. Or?

Remains at the end of the day a question: What's up to the American investor? A cleverly launched speculation, or does it have a real background? Anyway, Muller, contacted by Reuters today, refused to comment.

Saabsunited blogger Till from Munich has his new Saab. With the 1.8t engine, which is not a bad choice. If I am properly informed, Till still has a Saab 9-3x. The German bloggers are apparently good Saab customers. Two new Saab in 4 weeks. RedJ, also a German co-blogger at Saabsunited, is still waiting for his 9-3 Griffin. Congratulations to Munich Till - and always enough boost!