Saab summer holidays finished visiting Pang Da Saab?

The Saab summer holidays are over on Monday. The workers stay at home, but others (must) are allowed to work. The departments for design and development work as usual, according to our information, the development work continued during the summer holidays.

Pang Quinghua, the "old Pang" and CEO of Pang Da will be in Europe next week. Insider sources have told the TTELA that Pang is planning a meeting with the Saab management, which the Saab press office does not confirm. The TTELA is usually very well informed so that we can call this information credible.

Pang Da 1.900 has already ordered and paid for cars. Delivery should be in September. Pang publicly said he would not invest any more money in Trollhättan this week. Next week we know more.