Saab: Unions call for business plan

Today, Saab employees organized in the union union have received July wages with 9 days delay. This being the second time that wages have come late, the union of the drama seems to be tired too.

The Union Union is now intensifying contacts with the Saab management to gain more insight into the economic situation. In three weeks, at the 27. August, the next wages of the Union are due to people, before that of IF Metal organized staff.

The union is worried and is calling for a long-term financing plan to know where the 27 money is coming from. August comes and also the later salaries.

Martin Wästfelt, chief lawyer of the union union, sees the loosity of employees shrink and the frustration grow. It is understandable, a 4-weeks vacation at company costs may be good, in the month 5 it is only resignation.

At the moment, Saab's plans for the future seem to be over, because the Chinese investments are running on a timeline which Trollhättan will not be able to sustain. Whether the American investor exists or whether it was a nice invention to reissue 5 million shares would be an interesting question.

If one dreams in Trollhättan of the current condition by the end of the year, which would be theoretically possible with an expensive financing via GEM, then one is on the wrong track. Because the customer base disappears faster than the Swiss glaciers. The same applies to the loyalty of the employees, where the service providers are now beginning to migrate towards Gothenburg.

My prognosis? A viable and long-term solution must come in August. There's no way around it.

Valdemar Lönnroth, editor of the TTELA in Trollhättan, wrote very nicely today “Saab needs a turbo, a full tank and an experienced driver” and “..what does it help to solve a problem when the next one comes around the corner ..”.

He writes only the best about the cars, the employees, the developers and the technology. Which is my opinion.

He demands a manageable and stable, reputable shareholder structure and writes between the lines that Muller has finished. That in the Saab stronghold Trollhättan.

But as the saying goes, the man's faxes are just fat ...

By the way, too.


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      The matter with the Chinese turns out to be unsustainable. Too little commitment and, above all, too long maneuvering with the state authorities - maybe you just want to wait until the collapse occurs and then strike for “little money”.

      A plan B urgently needs to be found here - another really big investor who can possibly get by without the Chinese in the long term.

      Knocking on the proposals in India seem very promising - but maybe there is actually an intelligent partner in the USA.


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          Is not India the biggest democracy in the world? No communists = no NDRC

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            What has VM just agreed to with the Chinese?

            The play but only on time and most likely want to get low on the SAAB remains!

            One should consider in Trollhättan, if possible, cancel the previously drafted contract. You can still get your ordered SAAB cars (they were already paid in advance).

            It is important, however, that in the short term a financially strong investor intervenes and not only in possibly 3 months (if this works at all then yes still in the stars).

            In short: VM knocked on the wrong people - hopefully he'll get the lane change "baked".

            Greetings and hopefully the right investors soon !!

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