is looking for: Saab 900, Saab 99, Saab 96

Just finished our Saab 900 review on a 92 900 S Sport, which will be released here next Sunday. Saab has built very fascinating cars in the past that should not be forgotten.

We would like to report about more Saab classics and Youngtimer. Who of our readers will have a Saab 900 Cabriolet or Saloon of the first series or a Saab 99, 90 or Sonett and Saab 96 in his garage? Also Saab 9000er series are welcome.

We would like to photograph one or the other Saab as a model for our blog, to write a test report or a purchase advice.

Because classic cars and classic care are part of the tradition of every lively brand.

Anyone who has fun and passion for Saab in their blood, who is interested in working out a report with us, and who is just as interested in the history of our Swedish brand as we are, should get in touch.

By mail to the blogger Please indicate telephone number and the classic Saab model. We are happy and call back!


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    Hi all,

    I could offer a Saab 96 GL, built in 1979, with verifiable 53.000 km for a review, green metallic with Saab football wheels, top condition.
    This is the third 96er I have driven so far. No 1 after 400.000 km now only used as part carrier, no. 2 (was a total restoration over 2,5 years) was transformed into a total loss by an accident without fault. The above briefly described 96 comes from Sweden, was never driven in rain and snow and completely sealed after purchase for safety reasons.

    Likewise a 900 i, year of construction 1989, here however with 534.000 km, but first engine, transmission, dark red, 3-Türer. This Saab was deregistered last year and made room for a 9-5 station wagon, 2,2 TiD, for everyday use. The condition is still good enough for a fair value overhaul in the next few years to pay off.

    Location between MIL and AB.



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      Hey Uli,

      a Saab man near me and we don't know each other…. . You will get an email today!



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        Yes, great, Tom, I'm also looking forward to the contact. I still live in Sulzbach / Main, but work - also still - in Munich, but I will be working in OF again from November.
        The cars are in Röllbach.

        Once in Obernburg I also saw a dark blue 96, still with chrome bumpers, so built around '71 - '75 with a red MIL number. Unfortunately in oncoming traffic. Do you know this owner?

        I'm looking forward to your answer!!!

        Best regards,


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    I raise an 9000 Anniversary BJ 98,
    one of the last copies before the end of production.
    However, since the 5 years and is supposed to be reactivated only next year.

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