A book for a car. History of Saab Sonett No. 4th

Saab Sonett No. 4
Saab Sonett No. 4

A book for a car. A special car, Saab Sonnet I, no. 4 6 built copies. So really rare and with a very special life story. And actually, a car miraculously became two.

This strange car story started with a Saab sonnet from the first series. The first drafts for the sonnet were created in 1954 by Rolf Mellde. The basic idea was later taken up and refined by Saab design legend Sixten Sason. The sonnet was introduced to the Swedish public in 1958.

Built as one of only 6 Saab Sonett, the Sonnet No. 4 has already sold 1961 for 3000 crowns to Saab employee Sigvard Sorensen.

Sorensen, hired by the Saab Design Department, realized his idea of ​​his own little sports coupe on the sonnet floor set.

Saab sonnet and facet

The name: Facett. In 1964 the facet was completed on the Saab Sonett basis, the design of the facet was obviously inspired by the Jaguar E-Type. As early as 1966, after a front and rear damage, the Facett was sold to a new owner.

Saab Facett after restoration, today owned by Rene Hirsch
Saab Facett after restoration, today owned by Rene Hirsch

The new owner, Nils-Erik Landström, repaired the damage. The Facet then drove 22 years until 1988, then mothballed them. The end of the facet? So it seemed.

1994 Dr. Klaus Müller Ott, a German doctor, the Facett after reading an article about it in a Swedish magazine. For this purpose, he acquired the remaining Sonett body parts. He had the sonnet restored with original parts and painted in the original color.

The sonnet experienced its rebirth - the end for the facet?

Not really.

In the meantime, the facet also got a new chassis and thus wheels under the body, which has since been restored. Two unique cars were created from a Saab.

Meanwhile, both Saab Sonett No. 4 and Facett Saab belong to specialists and owners of Hirsch Performance Rene Hirsch.

Saab Sonnet No 4, 2005 Saab Festival Trollhattan
Saab Sonnet No 4, 2005 Saab Festival Trollhattan

A unique story with a “happy ending”. The book, which tells the story of sonnet and facet, has 94 pages and is well done. Lots of photos, clear text. It has been published in several languages. A recommendation for real Saab and Sonett fans.

However, out of print at the publisher and, due to the very small print run, difficult to get from the antiquarian bookshop.

Title: Saab Sonett No. 4

Author Klaus Müller-Ott

Publisher: Hernandez & Schmidt