Saab Review: Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero Sports Suit

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero

The Saab 9-3 TTiD4 we have already driven as a sedan in the Vector version with the strong 180 PS diesel. The engine and the sedan convinced us, handling, performance and workmanship were of the very best.

The Aero version now features the Saab 9-3 sports suit in Jetblack Metallic. Conspicuous difference number one, as we roll traffic through the Frankfurt closing time: Attention factor = 0. Was the sedan in the eye-catching Java Metallic paint at each traffic light curious marvel, so the 9-3 belongs in the estate variant to the usual street scene. Saab is a combination stamp.

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, dual-flow sports exhaust
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, dual-flow sports exhaust

Difference number two, on the A3 without speed limit. The aero, a bit lower and with a slightly more striking front than the Vector, everything is kept in titanium look, has the certain "overtaking image". Other road users willingly clear the left lane, whether you like it or not.

The 400 NM strong diesel growls to itself, the Aero is manual with the precise 6 gearshift. A request in the SID warns for environmentally friendly driving and upshifting. A sensible device, because even the station wagon is so well noise-insulated, even at high speeds, that almost always switches too late and the savings potential of the ingenious Biturbos not exploited.

Our 9-3 Aero is on extra charge 18 inch rims and reminiscent of the outfit something to the Saab Aero X. For the first few meters you feel the sport suspension of the Aero in conjunction with the large wheels as inharmonious. Especially when you change as we from a comfortable limousine in the sports suit. But only the first meters.

The next day you roll with the 18-inch model as if you had never driven anything else. The chassis is a little sportier and more precise than the Vector with 17 inch rims, maybe a little more "hectic".

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero Rim
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero Rim

Like the sedan before, the station wagon is well made with 12.000 kilometers on the meter and free of any rattling noises.In the interior, we have carbon strips on the doors, glove compartment and center console, which looks very good and looks classy.

The leather seats, as always very comfortable and long-distance suitable, are electrically adjustable and equipped with memory. A feature that you can actually save yourself. For one thing, in a Saab 9-3 you always find the perfect seating position, and secondly, the electrical system only adds extra weight and costs, which actually no one needs.

Only small restrictions in the choice of material on door handles and the handbrake lever slightly cloud the excellent overall impression. However, even with German competitors is not all premium what seems.

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero seats, electric
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero seats, electric

One point of criticism in the design of the all-black interior is the white roof lining. That is not up to date. Other brands offer color-matched sky designs for sporty models, which should be a matter of course in this price region.

And because we're in the interior right now. The 9-3 Aero was equipped with the standard steering wheel. The “Super Sport” steering wheel available in the 9-3 Vector was subject to surcharges and was definitely worth it. In the new Griffin Aero vintage, the “Super Sport” steering wheel is part of the series. Class.

The sports suit is a real combination. Not like the new, sporty models from Gothenburg, where optics come in handy. However, in Gothenburg the tapes are running, in Trollhättan sadly more than ever the future is uncertain.

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, door and glove box with carbon insert
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, door and glove box with carbon insert

The tailgate, above the twin-flow and chic Aero exhaust system, opens up and releases a large opening. The loading sill is, of course, low at Saab, the loading floor is flat and goes over several floors. The tail is only slightly bevelled and guarantees a high utility value for all its elegance.

The rear seat is easy to fold, even for newbies, without looking into the manual. Saab has combined ability.

A real eye-catcher are the taillights in the Saab Iceblock design. Especially in night mode, the lights are good, give a unique light image which sets itself apart from other brands.

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, Carbon center console
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, Carbon center console

What am Start is annoying the new security feature to start. Clutch and brake occur, then start only. Given. After two days, you got used to it.

How does the 180 HP diesel work in a sports suit? Like the sedan, the station wagon is also a Swedish jet with a fuel oil burner, which, in contrast to the sedan, is equipped with a little more cargo space. The sedan version is the slightly more active car - however, the differences can only be determined in nuances and only in a direct comparison.

The maximum torque is already at 1.800 rpm. Turbo lag is not noticeable, but neither is the famous “Turbobums”. The Biturbo 9-3 starts, as if pulled by a rubber rope, very quickly, but unspectacularly. The Aero flits confidently over the country roads in the Spessart, and with the Aero chassis it is very precise and safe in the corners. The double exhaust system increases the noise level a little without being unpleasant. A tone that I would describe as a light, sporty - smoky grumble hits the driver. A Saab 9-3 in the Vector version is the quieter car.

Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, front with gray inserts
Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero, front with gray inserts

On highways the TTiD4 pulls its course even in very fast corners. The brakes are stable and in conjunction with the strong BiTurbo diesel is fast on the road. Only with successive ground waves, the body stuckert something, otherwise we are free of any criticism.

Consumption was in the days where the Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Aero was with us at 7,8 liter of diesel, which is absolutely fine for our driving mix and the performance offered.

The price in the current 9-3 Griffin Aero version for the sports suit is € 39.400 in the basic configuration. The Griffin Aero delivers a lot of car for the money. The basic price already includes 17 ″ rims, sports seats in a textile / leather combination, automatic climate control and high-performance brakes. As a Griffin, the high-performance diesel starts at less than € 33.000.

Once again we had a car from Trollhättan which convinced us and where we can only advise to sign a purchase contract. Sometime new cars will come back from the factory in Sweden, and we still hope that the Saab 9-3 - then in the current Griffin Aero variant - is a very hot recommendation.

If you want to add the Aero TTiD4 to your shopping list, you should. He will not be disappointed. Saab is the Nordic alternative for everyone who does not necessarily want an “I am a sales representative for the German concrete industry” Audi A4, or another German brand that is in every driveway. It would be a shame if this alternative disappears soon, the automotive world would be much poorer. It is not yet that far, investors from China are ready and at some German dealers there was still the version we tested, also as a demonstration vehicle.

Driving pleasure and economy is a matter of course for the small jet from Trollhättan. For us one of the best Saab in the current 9-3 series, mature, safe and cool.

At the end, a special thank you to Saab Center Frankfurt and Mr. Braun, who always ensures first-class service and provides great workshop replacement vehicles.


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    Yes, my Griffin is also on 18 ″ with the normal chassis. (Actually only because you can't order it in combination with the TTID. Feels more comfortable than with the sports suspension.

    We’re looking forward to winter when the cart is on the 16 ″ cucumber slicers.

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    I! ; ·) Sports suit with “normal” chassis and 18 ″ summer tires. I would say: absolutely recommendable, as the car has better grip than with a 17 ″, but it doesn't get too hard in my opinion. It rumbles a little more on old bumpy roads, but this is offset by the gain in better driving behavior. But of course that's a matter of taste. On the other hand, I miss the comparison to the sports suspension.

    Thanks for the informative report! I feel the same with the door and brake handles and am of the opinion that this actually does not work in the desired brand positioning. So I then intervened cosmetically by means of deer. Much better! Would again be a 9-3er to choose from, I would this time take the diesel.

  • blank

    Nice report.
    Find the sports suspension also inharmonious. Has anyone ever driven the 18 Zöller in combination with the normal tires?

    On a pump I'm curious: Only the electric seats are adjustable in inclination, or only with the Saabs 9.3 we have? For me therefore an absolute (compulsory) must!

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