Saab News: Saab Meeting with Pang Da, Supplier IAC

Update: 14: 39

The management of Saab met at the weekend with a delegation of the investor Pang Da. The CEO of Pang Da and Victor Muller attended the meeting in Stockholm.

As Saab spokesman Eric Geers announced, it was a meeting ahead of the NDRC's decision.

He could not say more, Geers said. The NDRC will decide over the next few weeks about the entry of Pang Da and Youngman at Saab.

Since the situation in Trollhättan still has not relaxed, supplier IAC in Skara has now released 20 employees. IAC lacks sales with Saab, an improvement in the situation is not in sight.

The hanging section continues. However, we remain patient.


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  • Hallo,

    in the current situation, a plan C, D, E -> Z might not be wrong.



  • Where is Plan B?

    The prospects are 50 / 50 and the next salary payments come faster than you think!


    • blank

      Which plan B? That was plan B…. 🙁 Or? Please ask for more information!


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