Saab News: Saab agreement with IAC Sweden

Good news from Sweden. Saab has reached an agreement with its supplier IAC. IAC is prepared to re-supply components to Saab on the basis of the agreements reached. Marcus Nyman, CEO of IAC Sweden confirmed the agreement to the press.

Nyman did not want to give the press any details, but let it be known that the agreement was reached on the basis of the suggestions made by Saab Automobile. He said it was a "give and take, and the happy medium has been found". Saab is an important customer for IAC, IAC Sweden makes 15-20% of its sales with Saab. IAC demanded around 45 million kroner from Saab, of which more than 14 million have now been paid.

It is a real and important step for Saab. IAC is one of the big and important suppliers. The agreement will have a signal effect on other suppliers.

Cheers would be premature now. But the day was good for our brand from Trollhättan.