Bloggers World: Saab driving is fun

Yesterday at the driveway to A3. Red light, I stop next to a Saab 9-3 I Convertible. Look at the driver, short nod, thumbs up. Saab drivers understand each other without words.

Early this morning. Same traffic light, different lane. Me in Saab 9-5. It holds a 9-3 in the left lane with a pretty blonde in it. Put the window down, in short ... Then the traffic light is green. Grrr.

Whether Opel drivers have so much fun with their brand ;-). In the next article, the serious issues come up… Stay tuned.


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    These are these special experiences that are fun. A similar experience with me recently. At night in an open convertible I meet a turbo X on a main street of a big city. Short formation flight and a short greeting, when the roads parted. It is often the little things that bring a smile to your face.

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    Well the swipe on Opel should not have been. Finally, Saab is in competition with Audi, BMW and Mercedes. I drive a Saab 9-3 and an Opel Calibra and yes, under Opel Calibra drivers pass similar things.

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      Hej Individualist,

      welcome. I could have written Kia or something instead of Opel. Opel is representative of everything that is not Saab. Is not meant evil and not pejorative. OK ? 🙂

      LG Tom

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        I also thought you were talking about Opel in relation to SAAB ... 😉

        ... but we get along ... that's very good ... and we! they will, the greedy grouch
        , to confront!!! 😉

        So thumbs up ... and fingers crossed that we will soon be driving the “COOL” old SAAB and saying hello to the 10-15 years older!

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    I greet all Saab drivers. As Alex says, those in the “cool boxes” don't say hello back. It's a shame 🙁 Because we all like the same brand.

    Saab driver greetings to all!


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    I always find that very funny and beautiful! Works even if you are traveling in other cities and my midwives are surprised that I know people all over Germany if you greet each other!

    What I ALWAYS find completely stupid is when an old SAAB comes, 900 !! , you greet them and they think in their boxes, I don't greet them because I'm COOL and he just drives a new fake SAAB! I only greet you from 1993 onwards ... the old boxes can do me! Hope such “COOL” guys read it and think about it!

    You are real spinner !!! Are all SAAB fans!

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