Saab crisis: new dangers from Spain and Germany

You go out with friends to eat well, the world thinks in order, at home swells the mailbox over. With bad news for my favorite automobile producers. In addition, my Saab 9-5 also suffers from a defect. However, that brings my Saab center in Frankfurt with ease in order. The other problems are more serious.

Svenska Dagbladet was the first to report on the new danger from Spain. Matrici S. Coop, a company with 300 employees and annual 65 million sales, has been seeking bankruptcy for Saab since Monday. Eric Geers, our Saab press chief, told the media that a meeting with the supplier is planned for this week.

Lars Holmquist, CEO of CLEPA - the European supplier association - spoke of two other suppliers from Germany who are also trying to file for bankruptcy. However, no application had been received at the Vänersborg district court until this evening.

Phew. I can imagine which companies are, I have to look only the access statistics on the blog. Well, let's hope that on Friday the taxes are paid on time and that you agree with the suppliers.

Honestly, I am somewhat divided this evening about what should be thought of the current development. Is the bankruptcy threat a threatening gesture - or are the suppliers willing to do the utmost. And what about the Saab statements of today? If you hear the statements of Eric Geers and the unions, you think our automaker is on the right track.

This evening. Perplexity. Honestly. Tomorrow is a new day. Everything will be fine ! Or?

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  • Basically, there is no danger to the manufacturer Saab if several suppliers file for bankruptcy. Even if, a bankruptcy trustee would control the transactions. Such a petition for bankruptcy is nothing more than an empty threatening gesture of companies themselves in trouble.

  • Without decent dealings with your suppliers you are probably not on the right track - and such decent dealings still don't seem to exist.

    Incidentally, I might have a topic for our crisis-ridden AdminTom, who would much rather write about the cars: From the camp of O-people, whose name he can hear more, comes the following customer, to which one would like to know sometimes, whether Trollhättan follows here:

    “The two-liter turbo with direct injection in combination with all-wheel drive is entering the new model year with an increase in output of 30 hp. It is available with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The engine develops 185 kW / 250 PS and a maximum torque of 400 Nm (previously 350 Nm). The version with manual transmission accelerates to 100 km / h in 7,5 seconds, and the top speed is electronically governed 250 km / h.

    The 162 kW / 220 PS 2.0 Turbo with front-wheel drive and six-speed gearbox will also soon be available with a start / stop system and aerodynamic underbody panels as well as tires with optimized rolling resistance. This reduces fuel consumption by 0,5 liters to 7,6 liters per 100 kilometers, in the city even by up to one liter. CO2 emissions in the combined cycle drop by ten grams to 179 g / km. "

    With the assistance systems that have also been pepped up there, it would not be bad if you might find out that Saab would take the lead in reverse: The only system of this type that I really miss is a real blind spot assistant - and unfortunately there is neither here nor here there (neighbor Volvo would have a TOP version of this type)

    • blank

      Hello Saabulus

      You want to torment me today, don't you? 😉 I'm sure Saab could go for it, as the direct injection engines come from the same corner. With Hirsch you would probably be even better than the O-stamp (I have to be careful what I write, otherwise I'll get the yellow card ...). However, in the current situation I don't even dare to call Switzerland. Perhaps (definitely!) The optimization even comes from Trollhättan, because O brand cars often drive around the test field there ... 🙂 🙂

      Greeting 😉


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