Saab News USA: Model name 9-3 could disappear

The survival of Saab is being worked on in every corner of the world. Tim Colbeck, Saab USA boss, seems to be a lucky draw for our favorite brand. Because he works well with the press and keeps the Saab flag even in heavy seas.

It is important to show presence and above all not only to produce negative headlines. Hey, Saab is a car maker, remember? Colbeck is doing very well, discussing with the press about cars, strengths and weaknesses of the current range and only very little crisis. I like it.

The Saab 9-3 successor, which will start 2013 in the US, could get a new name. The Saab 9-3 series would then not get a successor by name, you want to go back to the old product name of Saab history. According to Tim Colbeck, it would be conceivable to have a new Saab 92, which many Americans still associate with the two-stroke Saab of the 50 years. At that time Saab was very successful in the USA. Even in Rally Sport drove the little Swedes of the competition around the ears.

Colbeck also confirms the talks with various investors and emphasizes that the talks are “serious”. He doesn't name names, which is a good thing. In the past, people liked to publish too quickly, even if the ink was not yet dry under the contracts.

The Swedish automobile share fell below the magical € 1 mark for the first time today, but then rose to € 1,23. The paper is currently trading at € 1.14. We're not a penny stock yet. 😉 Hmm. And - relatively many pairs are traded. Today there are already around 2 million, which is almost 5% of the shares.


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    So far, I have a good impression of Tim Colbeck. He was present from the start. I hope he does not come too late.

    • Hello Anddeu!

      A Tim Collbeck would have “pinched” the last sentence of your comment - somehow it immediately gives off a negative aftertaste.

      Please approach the matter positively!

      Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein
      Detlef Rudolf

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        Hello Detlef Rudolf,

        he would have

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