Saab News: Victor Muller meets with the unions

Today could be the day that will give us some information about the current situation in Trollhättan. Victor Muller meets today with the representatives of IF Metal and Union Union.

Per Bränneby, a shop steward of the Association of Swedish Engineers and Graduates, who is included in the meeting, focuses on the short-term financing and security of wages.

Because at Saab, apart from restarting production, there are many short-term problems with the standing factory. Receivables of almost € XNUMX million have to be paid to Kronofogden next week - or a payment plan has to be agreed with the suppliers beforehand. Wages and salaries are due in two weeks, as are state taxes at the end of this week.

Bränneby told the press that he knew Saab was working hard on solutions. He has, he says explicitly, confidence that Saab can do it on his own and he looks optimistic about the Saab future.

He notes critically that Muller's double burden as CEO and Supervisory Board is not good. Muller, says Bränneby, is an entrepreneur and a man with ideas. "I hope that he will find a new CEO".

Eric Geeers told the press that Saab is working on many routes and plans B and C.

There is confusion about IAC. It was not until the announcement by the press that it had been agreed that the entire amount of 44 million kronor had now been submitted for enforcement. Hmmm.

After the meeting with the unions, maybe things are clearer. For Saab is worked in many places. From telephone calls of the last days I know that more and more fans have written off the brand meanwhile.

We should not give up that fast. And should do everything possible to support our brand. Already so that we show the employees with their families in Trollhättan that it is worth fighting for.


One thought on "Saab News: Victor Muller meets with the unions"

  • Hi all!

    It is good to hear that plans B + C are also being worked on (as we know, time is a bit of a hike).

    But I think it is important that not everything is made public in detail (unfortunately the press is too often filled with scribes who “twist the word in your mouth”). Nevertheless, the general public should not be denied a rough direction so that further resignation does not occur.

    Plan B + C is very relevant, because the Chinese investors in spe with their state tedium do not exactly show that they are fully behind the entry into SAAB (a somewhat faster processing due to the current situation at SAAB would certainly also be possible but unfortunately not implemented)!

    As already mentioned, I hope for a rough presentation of the perspectives (Plan B + C inclusive) and in particular for a timely restart of the production!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein
    Detlef Rudolf

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