Saab Trollhättan: We do not dismiss employees

The Saab plant in Trollhättan has been standing still for months. Not quite. The administration is working, in the development is being worked with high pressure on the future of the car manufacturer. The design department is also there, and the assembly of pre-series cars and prototypes is also working.

Just not the production. Saab suppliers announced terminations at the beginning of the crisis, which are now taking effect. No reason for Saab to lay off employees as well. Saab press chief Eric Geers told the press today that Saab needs all employees to start production. “Saab will pay August salaries on time. We assume so. ”Geers says Saab was surprised by the fact that funding for July salaries was not made available in the agreed time.

Between the lines is read that Geers expects funds for the salaries for August with investors.

In principle, it is right to keep the valuable skilled workers. Terminations would be the wrong way - every start of production would be questioned. Even if it is expensive to keep a factory idle, which choice is currently? The future looks good for Saab with new partners.

The present is our challenge.


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  • It's good to hear that the employees will not be fired, but I would
    are slowly looking forward to a production start, the August is probably over completely
    is built and then probably wants to pang because first the production? +

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