Saab Crisis: It gets serious, how good is Plan B?

Anyone buying shares in Swedish Automobile is brave. Dear kobimex, be careful! For in the next few days we will see how good Victor Muller's Plan B is. Because, to put it in words, a storm is approaching.

Tomorrow, the Swedish press will bet, "Has Saab paid his taxes?" So far Trollhättan has always done this and I assume that it will be the same this time. Still, we'll see, because bloggers can also be wrong. The nice Kronofogden staff may come over on Tuesday and Wednesday. Because four of 14 claims are due next week.

You can still reach an agreement beforehand - or pay the bill. And I very much hope that you will do that.

The stock commutes a little over one euro today. This keeps the small Swedish manufacturer with the stationary plant much better than some major banks. The Italian Unicredit for example, a profitable company, is greased in the turmoil on 96 cents.

Crazy world. Maybe we should invest now ... 😉


One thought on "Saab Crisis: It gets serious, how good is Plan B?"

  • As a longtime saab driver, I really want to
    only read the positive from the reports though
    that is increasingly difficult
    I can understand money
    and not paying is not business!
    if there pang does not see cars soon, he will probably too
    ask for his money back! how ever wages u salaries
    can be paid without producing something and ver
    is buying is a mystery to me. the good reputation of the brand
    had suffered badly! let's still hope
    Maybe everything will be fine
    is me

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