Mysterious Saab 9-5 station wagon there it is again ...

Hart 9-5 on Ebay, interior
Hart 9-5 on Ebay, interior

Small interjection on the edge. Nothing with crises, but with our mysterious deer Saab, who seems immigrated from Poland.

Since this blog, so since February 2011, always dive this again mysterious Saab 9-5 Sports combination on. On Ebay and Mobile, the Saab has been offered several times without success.

From the German-Polish border area he has meanwhile moved on to Dresden. Had the 9-5 possibly found a new owner? The Saab has a very individual interior with deer logo, an alcantara sky, but in style we definitely would not associate it with deer performance.

The windscreen is still damaged.

The price has dropped significantly since February. Hmm. It is currently offered on Autoscout. Anyone who lives in Dresden can inspect the mysterious Saab 9-5 times ...