Saab Automobile: What we can learn from Tim Colbeck

Update: 12: 27

Tim Colbeck has been the head of Saab USA since May. Before, he was, if I remember correctly, Subaru. So when he joined Saab, he was struck by the crisis with full force. Nevertheless, he does a great job. Or maybe that's why?

Yesterday, he talked about the American engine press about Saab, the model range and future Saab 2013 will come. His most important message was comparatively simple. The 9-3 successor could get a new name. Oriented on the Saab history. The result ?

The US press writes about Saab. With a slight crisis touch, but hello, we are still here and want to build great cars. So read at Motor Trend, Motor Authority, egm Car Tech, Car Scoop and other publications. The message for the customer is “Hey, 2013 is a great new Saab - with a new name”.

Great, Mr. Colbeck.

Trollhättan could learn from it. Good PR is important in times of crisis. Yesterday - Trollhättan - Management meeting with unions. What could a joint press conference in the Swedish media have done? Victor Muller and the trade unionists together in TV4 Väst with the message "We trust Victor Muller, we trust Saab, be patient, we master the crisis".

What happened ? Nothing. Muller in front of the camera? None. Instead, new bankruptcy rumors wafted through the press. Too bad. Missed the chance. Once again.

Note, a bad press is only successful if you allow this lack of own media presence. And, it does not always have to be the big, important, messages. Even small details can do a lot.

Tip to Sweden. If you call Tim Colbeck. You can learn a lot from that.

Update: Good news from Sweden? Maybe. Our Saabsunited friends report that workers at 22.08.11 are returning to work. Whether Tim is a career optimist, or whether he is right, we do not know. Would be nice.


3 thoughts on "Saab Automobile: What we can learn from Tim Colbeck"

  • What comes to my mind today ....

    I think the current naming “acoustic” is very good.
    And thanks to 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc ... the different classes can be well described and defined (similar to Audi).

    What I don't find so nice, however, is the “technically” different display
    - new “high” five ... it is shown on the cars, in advertisements, etc.
    - nine five ... it is usually pronounced
    - nine “minus” five is usually written
    (the x for rear-wheel drive on the other hand understands almost everyone today)

    The confused sure one or the other average car buyers (especially in Internet searches) ... and it does not create a consistent appearance of the types in picture / font / word ... which I think a pity.

    If you were to simply write the name together, for many it would just be the Saab “ninety-five”, “ninety-three”, etc. Hmmm ... not that nice either, right?

    Saab 99, 900 and 9000 I found especially sympathetic “back then”! But I think that doesn't fit so well today (among other things because of the different types and the new models to be expected. What would the 9-4x be then? A Saab 90000x?)

  • blank

    ... and I've decided to buy more shares today. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  • blank

    Dear Saab community,

    After careful consideration, I decided to wait and give Saab a chance. We can not give up prematurely. I'm waiting for the new 9-5 station wagon. After three Saab 9-5 in a row, it is too difficult to change the brand.

    Greeting Andre

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