Saab location: Riks revisions checked “Trollhättan package”

Trollhättan is a small, tranquil town in a very charming, pristine landscape. There is the Götaland Canal, the E45, a better road and a single track railway connection. In addition a small airport. Not exactly a sparkling infrastructure for the automotive industry.

In the course of the Saab crisis (not the current one), the government decided in 2004 to strengthen the infrastructure in Västragötland. “Bana Väg i Väst”, the project to improve the connection from Trollhättan to the west towards Gothenburg, is now being put to the test by the “Riksrevisionen” - a kind of national control authority. The project, which came about particularly under pressure from GM under the promise of securing the location by the Americans (!), Appears to be more expensive than planned. Not everything went as it should when expanding the E45 to Trollhättan and the double-track rail connection.

"Bana Väg i Väst" construction site, E45 to Trollhättan
"Bana Väg i Väst" construction site, E45 to Trollhättan

It is interesting that this project comes into focus at a time when the Trollhättan automotive location is more at risk than ever. In the city there are research, development and university facilities, such as the Innovatum, which all focus on the automotive industry.

Whether one remembers in Stockholm, also in view of the threat of downturn, and Saab helps under the arms? Because the production in Trollhättan one day no longer exists, the money for the infrastructure was indeed badly invested.

Guide: Innovatum and Science Center in Trollhättan
Guide: Innovatum and Science Center in Trollhättan

Without Saab, it is questionable whether the research institutions and the university can maintain the same status as before. Maybe someone in Stockholm will finally show courage. Takes the car manufacturer into state custody for a manageable period and thus secures Trollhättan. End the suffering for employees, suppliers - and for me ;-). The Americans have already done something similar with GM that was not to the detriment of the United States. The risk would be even less for the Swedes. There are currently investors available who please the government.

It would only be a small period of low risk, as binding contracts are ready. In addition, ready spent tax money would be secured.

So, Mr. Reinfeldt or Mrs. Olofsson, how about?


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  • blank

    hello detlef and all saab freaks !!!
    to my person: I am 50 years old.also year 1960.
    first contact with saab about 1968. (my father was kfz-master at ford, and there were the 96v4 repaired (mostly tourists with
    Inspection, in Sweden at that time were priceless!). Since 1969 we have made every holiday in sweden (saab fed) .1978 (april
    or may) we were in sweden, where the saab 900 was presented. So I have a car with 21 years, in sept.
    1982 I bought my first saab (saab 900 5-door)
    sparkle-nails-nail-new.Extended 24300, -dm.heute I saab 900 sedan bj. 1982.ferner owns every saab brochure
    since 1974 !! many from the saab 65 model manuals.flagge.original frock etc.
    I imported new cars at the end of the 80er (3 in 170 years)
    vehicles.more than 500 are used, accident and scrap
    so I know what I'm talking about. In my opinion, saab is ready for the storm. all the chess and crooks to raise money seem like one
    provinzposse.saab has always been a clammy firma.schon in
    the 60er and 70er were always developed half cars.
    the saab 99 came first saloon. later he got the hatchback. 1978 a new front end car (saab900) .1982 the
    Saloon (sedan) later the 2türer.darden was the convertible
    developed. 1985 came the saab 90 (forwards saab99 and the
    ass of 900.beim similar in the 9000er. the saab was
    a typical architekten and lawyer gondola. These niches are today by almost all msrken (audi, mercedes and
    bmw) occupied. 1989 / 90 had saab already big problems.
    There were several 10000 vehicles unsold was
    but happy on Halde produced. The cars were very cheap.
    1990 had been visited by high offered me one
    saab representation an.habe begrüsse denehnt.der entry gm was spruchreif.den saab gentlemen, I have explained, the only chance is: saab as a premium brand of opel
    At the time, about 60000 opel senator, monza
    and omega v6 in germany. saab sales were around xnumx autos. when 6500% transacts senator (10 cars) and everyone
    Opel dealer (at that time approx. 3000 dealer) 1-2 demonstration car would be
    the bill risen. Instead, the whole thing was very
    dilettantisch angegangen.ferner the quality of the first vehicles. was not so dölle.ich hope for saab the whole story goes well (I do the small workers
    sorry, the big grades always find something.
    As a merchant, however, I am a mystery, like the left
    pocket, right pocket finance should work.
    the whole thing seems to me as if I in cold weather in the pants pinkel.erst is nice and warm, but then ice cold.
    I would like to have a glass with Herr deltlef rudolf
    drink beer / wine!
    many greetings from the high north.
    greeting greger

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      Dear Greger,

      The quality of the first vehicles (I drove a 70 GL at the end of the 99s and a 80 GLE in the 900s) was clearly still a bit immature - but this was similar with the German manufacturers (not to mention Italy and France)!

      Since 1996 I had a 9000 CS, which was superior to all comparison makes of German production (comparison objects of Audi and BMW from the circle of acquaintances) huge!

      My current 9-5 Combi now has almost 220.000 km on the clock and runs like the first day.

      So I have almost only positive experiences with SAAB vehicles and can only take note of your experiences - but not use them as a yardstick for assessing the SAAB qualities.

      However, it can be assumed that significantly better SAAB marketing in the future will boost the sales of the really good cars from Trollhättan and thus achieve the set goals.

      We can have the beer together - when a few months have passed and everyone sees how competitive the SAAB automobiles are worldwide (not least because of the better branding mentioned above)!

      Until then, all the best and “see you”!

      Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein
      Detlef Rudolf

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    Hi all!

    The current Swedish Prime Minister only creates a certain anger in my stomach and a small group of other SAAB drivers when it comes to SAAB - not only because he uses BMW as a company car, but because of the incomprehensible rejection of SAAB automobiles as a whole (at least up to now)!

    What does Sweden have to offer in terms of “pearls” that are really recognized worldwide? I only think of ELECTROLUX, IKEA, VOLVO + SAAB (all of the companies listed are traditional companies that have acquired a worldwide reputation for useful products over a long period of time). If SAAB had only incurred losses over a period of more than 60 years (as claimed by some scribblers), the company would have been uninteresting even before the GM takeover and would have disappeared from the market. The Chinese now see the existing potential and it remains incomprehensible why the Swedish government (so far) has taken such a passive stance - as Tom rightly pointed out, financially strong investors are on hold and it would only be a matter of short-term support from government agencies. This was the case in France with Renault, in America with GM etc. - all of these companies got back on their feet, although the products would by no means be a better choice compared to SAAB automobiles!

    Let's hope that the interim financing will go without government agencies and the production in Trollhättan soon starts again! Good thing VM is not such a sleepyhead as Mr. Reinfeldt.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein
    Detlef Rudolf

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