Saab Trollhättan: The frustration of suppliers

It's not easy to handle the flood of information collapsing on my mailbox and the Swedish media. Because today is another day when blogging is not much fun. Once again, the events focus on Saab's information policy.

The suppliers of our car brand are increasingly frustrated by the lack of information from Trollhättan. There the situation becomes more and more precarious. Allegedly, Saab pays money to some suppliers, but nothing to others. A situation that I can not imagine. But these things are boiled up in the press, and bad news just sells well. Svenake Berglie, head of the Swedish suppliers, tries to smooth the waves. He does not believe that Saab prefers some suppliers, but leaves others in the rain. He is also fully aware that no information can leak out during ongoing negotiations.

Saab has gained some time in negotiations with its supplier from Spain. The Matrici S. Coop grants the manufacturer a period of 10 days. Then the bills should be paid or another arrangement can be found. This was reported by the selection of the company, the broadcaster TV4 Väst.

In principle, it is very gloomy today in Trollhättan. Because, now it's time for the savior, or at least for a big chunk of money. By now, and I do not like to write that, Saab is also in the limelight among municipal companies. Heat, water, electricity, telcommunication and so on. In addition, rent payments for industrial halls and some rooms in Innovatum are long overdue. I save myself calling sums. If you want to know, google and find.

The municipal utilities say they will not turn off Saab or be the “nail on the coffin”, but this is not a solution.

There is Lars Holmquist, the Clepa President, who says the following: “Even if Saab now pays the bills, there is no chance of starting production”. The suppliers want to see lasting stability. And a credible concept. That is clear.

Which brings us to the employees, some of whom have since migrated to new employers. The workers arrive at the factory on 22 August. The friends of Saabsunited have already written this yesterday, unfortunately it will be on the 22. just go for new information. As it does not look like a production start.

Well, of course there is always a small light in the biggest darkness. Hey, in our case, there are even two.

Paul Akerlund, the mayor of the municipality, sees hope. He was briefed by Victor Muller on the latest plans and sees a solution. Akerlund says what he thinks and is quite open. He had also criticized Muller hard lately. I think his statement is credible.

The other good news is an active A-pillar that Saab developed together with Autoliv. RedJ, German blogger at Saabsunited, has written a good article about it. The strengths of Saab in new, innovative solutions are now the argument that can guarantee the survival of the brand.

Saab is not Rover. Rover was not very flexible and the only idea that had the management of the British was to convert an average sedan to rear-wheel drive and V8. Ok, but the Rover 75 had the most beautiful dashboard in the world.

Saab has good ideas and new products in the pipeline. The best fan community in the world. I write this so that we don't stick our heads in the sand with all the bad news. A lot is asked of us fans - but we continue to drive our Swedish cars with pride.


8 thoughts on "Saab Trollhättan: The frustration of suppliers"

  • Hi Julia,

    proven? Where there is no judge there is no plaintiff. Of course I want Mr. A… .. don't compare with the gentlemen from our “brown” past.
    What you should consider most of the crimes of that time only came out much later, what will you think of Mr. A… ..?

    But I think we are starting from the topic.



  • Hi Julie,

    Mr. A ……. is definitely not a harmless Russian investor 😉



    • To Search SAAB

      What has Mr Antonov proven to be wrong?

      I would be very grateful for a short, valid tip - in any case he did not recruit forced laborers (as with Quandt)!


      • Hello Julie,

        Read your question a bit late, but maybe not too late. Here is an introduction:
        The context also includes the conditions in the Russian banking world middle of the 90er, in which A. made himself fit as a student for the acquisition of the Akademhimbank (the whole sector still 1993 almost completely mafia). It was also a time when most entrepreneurs had to pay protection money and more than 1000 people were murdered every year in Moscow alone.


  • Hi TM7374,

    why should there still be fear and anxiety? This state has lasted for a while, sometimes the “circumstances” of this state change a little. But basically it stays the same. Without enough money, things will not improve. There was quite a bit of money in the Saab house where actually nobody really knows where the “coal” went. Little was it not exactly!

    What is Saab at the moment?

    Car manufacturer? Money laundering machine? Money burner? …………………. and so on

    The only ones who have to pay for this crap are the employees when they visit the 22. Aug. to work and get some cheese told.

    The time for “Saab Illusions” has expired, even if others want to see it differently.



  • Hi Tom,

    If you read all this, you will be afraid and anxious again. At the same time we were so hopeful that things are going up again!
    The circle of friends often asks me if SAAB still exists. I try to explain the current situation, but it gets harder and harder as the situation gets more and more opaque every day. It was even raised the question of whether the whole thing is not even a bankruptcy! I am not a lawyer and I do not want to deal with such things or assumptions, but it is sad that the outlook on SAAB is now so negative.

    • Hello TM 7374!

      The SAAB management seems to be on the right track - Akerlund and the union representatives have already been informed about the plans and see the solution to the problems in unison (incidentally, the "insiders" are intelligent people).

      With regard to the comments from your circle of friends and acquaintances, it would be appropriate to refer to various other car manufacturers who were also busy with survival in the past: Porsche, Audi, BMW, etc. (BMW was taken over by the Quandt family with funds that were previously provided by the Use of forced laborers in Nazi Germany came in. The documentary about it has already been shown several times on television. At that time, it was not about a comparatively harmless Russian investor, as was the case with SAAB, for example - but who is not even admitted)!

      Our compatriots in particular should take a step back and take hold of their own famous nose - not always just trying to vilify others (but unfortunately in Germany it is far

      Happy weekend and keep thinking positive!

      • Hello Julie,

        I share your optimism and hope that SAAB will continue to exist. Which other cars should we drive?
        But it is admittedly not a sovereign picture that the SAAB management is currently drawing. Certainly it is a Herculean task to detach SAAB with all its entanglements from the GM legacy and to put it on its own feet. But without a financially strong investor, SAAB has very few options. Selling something over and over again in order to be able to pay wages and salaries is not a sustainable strategy. Maybe we see Germany a little too pessimistically and negatively, we are used to something different when we look at our own auto industry, which achieves record sales figures month after month. They seem to do a lot better….

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