Saab crisis: the next week - decision?

I didn't really want to write anything about the economic situation in Trollhättan on Saturday, but some things require exceptions. Dagens Industri quotes Svenake Berglie today with the words "If there is no money next week, the lights will go out". That was now freely translated.

To get to the point. The facts in Trollhättan, fed from reliable, Swedish sources are as follows. Saab is working on a financing solution that will enable production on the 29. August to start. I think we can be quite open about it, that's what it's all about. Saab also paid the taxes due, 21 million kroner. A smaller amount than in the previous month, as some of the salaries were paid late.

Dagens Industri reports on Saab dealers who are reorienting what is understandable. Just like the employees who are moving more and more towards Volvo. A process that is more than logical, since the information policy in the house Saab leaves the employees for months in the dark.

The local TTELA, always somehow well informed about Saab and with a particularly good nose for the Far East, reports about Pang Da and Youngman. Everything seems to be going very well with Pang Da, while there are “some problems” with Youngman. Hmm.

Even otherwise, what the TTELA writes with yesterday's information from our Swedish sources coincides. Next week could be very tricky. I see it quite clearly. The bloodletting of Saab among employees, dealers and customers has reached the pain threshold.

Production starts at the 29.08. Or never.


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    It would be a shame, but I can understand all employees and dealers ... with this back and forth ... why are they making this negative press? Man man man ...

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