Saab News: Saab refuses IAA Frankfurt participation

Actually, I wanted to write about a completely different topic today. We are currently discussing with Saab friends whether it would be time to support Saab Germany and show the flag. A Saab center has already shown willingness to be a supportive venue. That was this morning.

This afternoon, Inside Saab reports to Steven Wade that Saab is not participating in the IAA. On Friday I still had contact with Hirsch Performance, which seemed to have secured the IAA.

Even if Swade's argumentation is correct, the cancellation of the most important auto show this year is a bad blow and a disappointment for me. I first have to reorder myself ...

Also in Sweden a lot is brewing, I think we should prepare for the next storm. Now I miss the words.


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  • Hmmm …

    - it's understandable
    How can you explain to the “creditors” and employees in a meaningful way that you have financial bottlenecks, but when you are putting on a big show in Frankfurt at the same time

    - on the other hand
    Such a short-term cancellation only makes for bad press again.
    And can you just cancel your “place” in Frankfurt? Are stand fees (and possibly advertising costs or “penalties”) not due so shortly before the fair anyway?
    And what about advertising material? Is not something already created a while before (and even further planned ahead)? And if not, because you had to cancel, you would have been able to publicize the rejection much earlier.

    - general
    I also think that big fairs today (through internet, tv, etc) are overrated, at least for products that partly affect the consumption area (and that's where I count cars).
    To attract attention, you have to invest a lot. Otherwise you are just a tiny part of the circus.
    And especially at the IAA I believe that small manufacturers receive too little media exposure for too much effort ... everything is focused in the press (not necessarily at the fair itself) but rather on the big manufacturers.

    Apple (although I do not really like the comparison here with Saab) deliberately does not go to any fairs any more.
    You prefer to organize your own presentations and then have the “full attention” of the press (well, Apple is probably more interested than Saab, but in my opinion that also makes sense for Saab).

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    I had feared it and it is understandable, but my anticipation to go back to FFM puts a damper on it.

    But more important, which next storm is approaching? Regarding the 29.08.?
    Unfortunately, the first part of the article goes under. Would be interesting to learn more about it.

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    who bets with me that saab does it ?!

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      I already bet on the stock market. Although at the moment in the minus ;-( But is indeed a long-term investment

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    The IAA in Frankfurt has been overrated in terms of promotion for years (like other industrial fairs, too). Continuous good marketing is better - for this reason I do not consider the rejection of the relatively short trade fair appearance to be a drama (especially since interested contemporaries also know that Saab automobiles cannot “draw on unlimited resources” at the moment)!

    With the hint “a lot is brewing in Sweden” we are excited about the torture again - please submit information as soon as possible!

    Greetings from Hamburg

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    Too bad, but first the tapes have to run and the confidence in the future has to be made, before that, taking part in a car show does not make much sense. First, the patient has to leave the hospital before he can again attend a show.

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    …me too…

    Good By SAAB ... ;-(

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