Swedish Automobile: New stocks, again ...

Through the GEM investment fund, Swedish Automobile has been able to issue new shares for a maximum of 150 million. As we know, this instrument has been used repeatedly for funding. Last for the wages of Union employees.

Today it is once again so far. 4 million new Swedish automobile stocks are sold in the market. GEM will acquire these shares for 90% of the average value of the next 10 trading days. I hope to have reproduced that correctly. At the current price, which is around one euro, 37 million kroner could come into the coffers.

Hmm, that's not the big hit. Also not the solution of our problems. But anyone who thinks can easily see Muller's and Co.'s plan without one of my comments. Or 😉?

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  • Hello Frank,

    then we'll see it in a similar way (VA in the background) - maybe we're right.

    I like to continue visiting the SAAB BLOG - there are also helpful and nice comments (the one from leifsaab wasn't one of them, however).

    Kind regards

  • I think our friend Tom will take care not to write more about it ...

    • conductive saab,

      If there is no information here for laypeople in this area, I think the entire blog is actually not very helpful in terms of SAAB - because the topic mentioned somehow belongs to the topic!


      • Sorry Julie,

        I think this blog is the only one on the web that describes things realistically. Read Saabsunited on this topic, you wonder in which galaxy they live. Write today as a comment that GEM is behind SAAB. Did not get it? If you do not like the blog, you do not have to read, right?

        Be glad that there is someone who puts so much time and effort into our brand. Use the search function in the blog, enter GEM, read the article from the 04.08 and think about it.

        Nx no offense, yes


        • Do I have to join you? Since Swade no longer makes the blog are completely painless and on another planet at home.



        • Dear Leif,

          I do not seem to be the only one who does not fully understand here (in contrast to you, of course)!

          It would have been great if instead of the mildly expressed “schoolmaster-like behavior” you had brought a short explanation - after all, a certain amount of time was spent on your little clarification but nevertheless protracted attempt at explanation!

          How about a little more substance and clarity?


          • Hi Julie,

            As I understand it is speculated that behind GEM is the named Russian investor and thus buys one step by step in Saab.

            Actually, however, he would eventually be required to report or just not because GEM is upstream.

            As far as my understanding,
            think it all exciting and I think that makes it so interesting and sympathetic to Saab, because there is a small company with a private frontman fights and not Ford or BMW sold any brand 😉

            • @ Alles…

              So GEM is the typical grasshopper, with a very bad reputation. The store has been around for a long time, but if Antonov has his finger in it is speculation. The GEM guys can either sell the stocks into the market within the next 10 days, which is 0's risk for GEM, since a minimum of 10% discount already guarantees almost half a million in profits. Who sees how nicely the stock currently turns out, can guess that there is more hanging. That's what happened last time.

              The other possibility is to keep the shares, divide them into subsidiaries and then take over the store, filetieren and the end is in Sweden. For example, GEM has often done business in the past. Saab should be scarily scary after the stock price, about 50-60 million. It's worth it in any case. Because the next issue will come for sure.

              In any case, this is a very modest way of raising money for Saab shareholders.
              Did that help? Stay peaceful….


        • 1000% of your opinion ... the best blog for SAAB ... and understandable for everyone, I think!

        • Quite a nice “kindergarten”… young woman… 😉 it’s really nice here and very informative.

  • Hallo,

    Unfortunately, it could not google it
    So would be hot interested!

    Thank you ! Frank

    • Extract from the TomAdmin commentary from 4. August:

      “The GEM Investment Fund started selling 5 million new shares in the market today. ....
      With the 5 million shares you have more than 10% of the Swedish Automobil shares that anyone can buy. Also Vladimir Antonov, where the Swedish press sees another problem. Because changes in the ownership structure that are over 10% must be reported to the EIB and the government and approved. Assuming Antonov buys, he will probably invest across several of his companies and thus stay below the 10% hurdle. Or? ”

  • Hello SAAB BLOG visitors,

    can someone explain to a layman anyway what will probably happen to the shares that were bought by this investment fund - surely they are “resold” in layman's terms? But who is buying shares in the so-called shaky candidate SAAB (Vladimir Antonov's straw men)?

    I would be very happy about a short but understandable statement from a “specialist” - but only if real knowledge is available!


  • Yes, the direction becomes clear - unfortunately.

    For those who call this blog only occasionally, from me nor the reference to the TomAdmin comment from the 4. August (can beergoogeln if necessary).

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