IAA cancellation: why Saab Germany should show flag!

A canceled IAA is not a broken leg. The trade fair appearance is expensive and gobbles up money, which Saab is currently not available. Saab currently has other priorities, Saab is poor, so to speak. Thats the one thing. But how was the “poor but sexy” thing?

That's the point. Saab is (currently) poor - but sexy. Which means that Saab has attractive new models in the pipeline. Would there be the Saab 9-5 sports suit that customers are eagerly waiting for. Or the new Saab SUV, the Saab 9-4x, which was due to come to Germany in September. You can cancel a trade fair appearance. But the international fans and prospects who come to Frankfurt shouldn't be left out in the cold.

How about showing the 9-5 sports car and the 9-4x in the parking lot in front of the IAA or even better in the Saab center of Frankfurt? Even Hirsch would certainly like to bring the exhibition vehicle of the IAA to Frankfurt. Customers could watch Saab without the usual stress of the fair, have a Saab conversation, drive home and then patiently wait for production. With the knowledge that it pays to be patient for a long time, because the new Saab are just great.

The customers are not blind, they know the current situation quite well. With a small presence, Saab could reap much sympathy. We are small, we are poor, but we are there.

I like the idea that over 70.000 readers a month, Saabblog.net could definitely redirect customers and fans to the Saab Center. Because the Frankfurt Saab center belongs to the Swedes, the IAA show would be a home game, so to speak. And a city full of car fans is always a chance.

I wrote a mail to Saab Germany boss shoemaker today. Let's see if the proposal like it.

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  • Can only agree with Ulli's comment. It is, I think, just important to show that Saab is still there !!
    The presence before a fair I would also find a very good appearance.

    With a “et would still have joot jejange” from the Rhineland

  • I think that would be a good idea too.
    Could arrange a shuttle service from the IAA to the SAAB center.
    That would be good headlines 😉

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    A combination between the presence with 9-5 and 9-3 driving around in front of the exhibition grounds and the parallel presentation in Fechenheim would be very helpful for the current situation. However, a noticeable notice should be attached to the cars showing the address in Fechenheim - and the short distance from the IAA site.
    But you should not worry too much: the typical ABM car buyers (Audi, BMW, Mercedes) will not be interested in this, they will continue to show their red card to individual alternatives and romp around in droves to their alpha male locomotives.

    But at least the really Saab-infected could be lured away from the IAA for an hour or more.

    This was also done in the printing press area at smaller trade fairs: A small information booth in the exhibition center served as a contact point. From there, visits to nearby printing works were organized, which could be tailored much more individually to the visitors - and ultimately more successful than a comparatively anonymous trade fair appearance. But this happened in the less emotionally influenced capital goods sector, which works very differently than the automotive sector.

    Nevertheless: I think it's great of you, Tom, how you have worked for it so far. Even if Saab should go under - which I still don't want to believe - it will set a sign that there are still people who distance themselves a little from the lemming-like behavior of the masses, not only in the automotive sector. As many press releases as possible in the German, ABM-believing “trade press” would be a great success!

    Best regards to all Saabisten of Uli

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    Not in the SAAB center Frankfurt ... SAAB has to show itself and not wait to be found!
    This “we seem to appear spontaneously at larger events / in attractive places” brings a lot of attention for relatively little money.

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    The proposal is already spreading in the media


    From a marketing point of view, Saab definitely has to do something. Especially on the “sensitive” German market, which has now come to a complete standstill. There is actually real potential here if people only noticed that Saab (at least until now) is still around.

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    I agree with all sub-posters and I hope that Saab Germany (or Saab Center Franfurt) picks up on your idea, dear Tom.

    I have a suggestion: you could just let some 9-5er (SS and SC) and (that would be nice) 9-4x drive around in certain hot spots at the fair with appropriate signage. I would volunteer as a driver for this 😉

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      Also a good suggestion. I would also volunteer for that.

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    If Saab Germany can still organize to bring estate cars and SUVs (as well as a Griffin) to Frankfurt, it would be a clear statement to the customers. If, then, those responsible here would also ask critical questions, that would also be a strong signal. It could be an opportunity for customer care and dialogue. Afterwards the Internet for a (large) photo reportage for all who could not go there, use.

    The Saab center Frankfurt also welcomed us nicely in the last year for the convoy start. Since then I have a positive memory.

    (Little reverie, not quite seriously meant: somewhere there is determined a 9-4X, which has a trailer hitch and could pull a trailer with the PhoeniX as a passenger 🙂)

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    Hi all!

    I strongly hope that at least production will start again before the start of the IAA - then, for this reason alone, one would have positive reports in the media. If the start of production has still not taken place (it will certainly become apparent in the next few weeks), a central SAAB Germany house fair would be desirable - because otherwise the awareness of SAAB automobiles (at least here in Germany) will slowly be lost!

    Greetings from Hamburg

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    Even in the tense situation, Saab should be able to bring an 9-4x and a 9-5 station wagon to Germany. A small show in Frankfurt would have charm. I am in.

    Keep it up!


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    Hi Tom!

    First of all, respect for your daily web work!

    For a long time I have been following your new reports with excitement. Because the SAAB thriller continues, however ... but your blog is always the most informative!

    I myself am a loyal SAAB driver and organized in the SAAB Club Germany. I drove this year extra from the Franconia (district of Fürth) to Essen to visit the Saab-Club with his stand.
    As I've been to every IAA in Frankfurt since 1997, I will of course be there again this year. Unfortunately only without SAAB!
    But let us not forget that 2009 even much larger manufacturers such as Honda for financial reasons (then was the first major economic crisis) were not from the lot!
    Even if my hope is slowly fading (even if nobody here wants to hear that, the story - at least in parts - is becoming more and more similar to the Rover debacle), I am not giving up hope that the only suitable make of car will continue to exist!

    Anyway, I'll stop by the SAAB center Frankfurt, if something is organized! Great idea!

    Keep it up, Tom!
    A few days without saabblog.net are like a trial of patience!

    Keep on saaing !!!

    PS: Where exactly are you from? Are you from the unfortunately quite Saabfrei francs, or?

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      Hej Saabfan,

      welcome ! I'm from Aschaffenburg, Lower Franconia. However, somehow quite Saab-free - unfortunately. But I am often out and about in Erlangen and Fürth. Have good friends (without Saab - still) there.

      And thanks for the praise!

      LG Tom

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        Hey Tom,

        well then we could organize a small SAAB meeting here in Fürth, if you want to have some time.

        At the above mentioned e-mail address you can send me a message with Tel. leave or I send you my no.

        With us, there are only the SAAB Stammtisch in Erlangen or Würzburg, see also http://www.forum-auto.de
        The next meeting in Würzburg, not too far away from you, will be on September 02.09.2011nd, XNUMX ...
        As far as I know, the person responsible for the web site is also from the WÜ district and here, too, everything revolves around SAAB (but not as a news blog, like your side, but more generally, which should also rule out competition) ...

        I would be happy to meet the SAAB blogger in person during a conversation

        But as you can see, here in Franconia there is a small but fine SAAB community!
        And we are not to be found on every corner, like the other brand associations and clubs mainly from the southern German regions ...

        With saabischen greetings!

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    I think the idea is good too.

    I would like to experience a 9-4x and/or 9-5 Sportcombi "live". That can be in various large centers or on tours, events (that every dealer in Germany gets/has all the cars is not necessarily to be expected).

    I would even like to take some “time and path” into account. Frankfurt would be a bit too far for me, however.

    But, for example, a few "fixed" contact points for interested parties distributed across Germany (north, center, south, east, west, etc.) would be a quick first way of "public relations work" for the near future!?

    Well, and as long as there are no new Saabs to see/buy, my "small, new, old" has to serve! 😉

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    I also think the idea is good .., because true fans of the brand will have no problem with it and despite the negative press of the last few weeks it is a kind of sign of life for the brand and retailer ...

    Now other things are important, the procurement of short-term liquidity, the deal with the Chinese investors finally to be steered into the safe haven ......
    to start production again ……… ..

    as currently useless money for a show event rauswerfen ..

    Saab hadn't already done something like this in the United States to have a booth in front of the hall of the auto show ……… ..

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    So I think the idea is very good too! It doesn't matter what is written again ... it can't get any worse!
    Some SAAB drivers in my town ask me if they should wait for their new SAAB or unsubscribe and order something else! Of course I always say WAIT, then refer you here for new info's, but with the back and forth it's really hard.
    So an “internal” exhibition is not a bad idea at all ... but with the great press department in Sweden I find it hard to believe, unfortunately! 🙁

    But again…. a very very nice blog ... hats off!

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    if I remember well, was it also GM or was it Opel missing at a trade show in Paris or Geneva 2009?

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    Saab center Frankfurt would be great if this is a really nice store and not a small thing.
    A test drive can be made right away and only Saab fans come. Certainly nothing for winning new customers but hey there are no cars anyway - so more an event for us here 🙂

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    I don't know ... couldn't the press re-roll it out in such a way that an exhibition away from the IAA would be “one last riot for a dying company” (not my opinion)? Maybe it would be better if Saab stayed under the radar on this matter to avoid such negative headlines. Not attracting attention is possibly better than attracting attention badly.
    Although I think it's a pity, I wanted to attend the IAA for the first time this year. Has died for me now too.

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      Your concerns are understandable. However, in 4 weeks, the situation in Sweden could have improved considerably.

      Then a presence in Frankfurt would be the “Phoenix from the Ashes” for SAAB.

      LG Tom

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        I also like the “Phoenix from the Ashes” picture very much. Although that would be more effective for the press at another automobile exhibition. But, as I said, that's just my opinion.
        First wait and see what Mr. Schuhmacher has to say. If he answers. Have you ever been in contact with him?

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          No, this is the first “contact attempt”. It's not just about the IAA, but also about other projects. Let's see what happens ... 😉

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            I'm curious

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    would be a good idea, how far away from the IAA is the Saab center Frankfurt?

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