Saab News: Today's Saab Day in Review

The day was unusual and dominated by the Saab - IAA topic. Our suggestion even put it in the specialist media, my mailbox is (again) overcrowded. An alternative event is being worked on. As soon as there is something with substance, it is posted ...

In Sweden the clouds are gloomy. No, not about Trollhättan - today it's about Sweden as a nation. The economic outlook is massively clouding over. Yesterday one of these economists wrote in the press “Leave your money under the mattress”. The euro zone is on the downswing and Sweden is on board. 40% of Swedish exports go to the euro zone, with Germany being the most important partner with 10%. The Swedish domestic data is also going south, H&M announced disappointing figures today, and those of other companies also point a clear direction.

In Trollhättan unemployment is at 10%. If the lights go out at Stallbacka near Saab, Trollhättan commune with Lilla Edet and Vänersborg becomes a poorhouse. Perhaps in the current situation, the government understands what has made Sweden rich. Not the investment bankers who have not made any economy permanently happy. It was Swedish engineers and skilled workers who brought Sweden forward in the automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft industries.

A small, minimal help from Stockholm and Saab would be guaranteed. Because today there is again the little light at the end of the tunnel. The good news. Jonas Fröberg, whom I very much appreciate but unfortunately do not know personally, is a Saab insider and author of the book “Kampen om Saab”. Fröberg has proven to be a fair and reputable reporter for our car manufacturer in recent months.

Fröberg writes a good sentence in his column today, in which he highlights the misery of raising capital through share issues. He writes that the NDRC could “come to a faster decision than initially assumed”. He refers to inside information.

If I estimate Fröberg correctly, then this information is more than a little light. It's a headlight.