Löfven & Nygren: Openness an opportunity for Saab

Jan Nygren and Stefan Löfven have today published an article in Aftonbladet, which addresses the current situation in Trollhättan. The Aftonbladet is a kind of Swedish picture newspaper, with a long range. Löfven is the chairman of IF Metal and Jan Nygren, as Secretary of State, accompanied the sales negotiations of Saab. Both can be considered saab insiders.

The article deals a lot with the strange role of the government in relation to the Antonov entry and the fact that the Swedish government debt administration apparently has problems with the passivity of its own government in matters of Saab. Both are of the opinion that the government must finally take action to - literally translated - to protect the “unique vehicle concepts from Trollhättan”. That sounds wonderful to my ears.

The entry of Kronofogden into the plant is seen as an opportunity. Because, the Kronofogden is checking the assets and has already started discussions with those responsible for Saab. He can freeze assets, but will not endanger the existence of the company - he has announced this several times. Accounts for salary and tax payments are taboo. The examination can take up to 3 months. Sweden is quite open about tax matters. Everyone can check whether the neighbor pays their taxes and whether the new BMW or Mercedes on the doorstep belongs to the neighbor or is just a company car.

So will Saab. The financial situation is revealed what Löfven and Nygren see as an opportunity for survival. The unclear situation is clarified, if not before the procedure is aborted due to the entry of a new investor.

More openness - a win? May be. It is not only investors from China who are interested. Others are also in the starting blocks and have negotiated with the EIB.

Saab is not written off. We should not forget that in the difficult situation.

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3 thoughts on "Löfven & Nygren: Openness an opportunity for Saab"

  • What about the Chinese at all? they supposedly already paid the money in advance for 1000 vehicles or?
    I honestly wonder what will become of it because then Saab can actually not generate any additional cash flow even after starting production ...

    Or did I twist something?

    • Hello Frank,

      In our opinion, the fact that production does not start can only be related to a few suppliers (they are probably still completely at odds and "shoot themselves in their own leg").

      Among the automobiles, which are intended for China: The number is comparatively low (in total, there are already about 16.000 orders worldwide !!) and could be processed quickly even with a daily production of approx. 100 vehicles. If one adds the worldwide orders to it, already within few months a huge amount would flow to Trollhättan (please yourself briefly rescheduled arithmetically).

      The production would only finally have to go !!!


  • Hallo,

    Of course, one asks for the latest information ("Openness an opportunity for SAAB") what is still lacking in terms of investors and the entry has still not taken place (with the Chinese, it is clear that the delay is due to the state authorities preprogrammed).

    The patience with the customers, dealers and other participants has become overused!

    It can't go on like this - everyone's interest in the brand will steadily wane. Not least because of the devastating press, this is going faster than expected!

    VM has to show leadership and really quickly move things in a positive direction - e.g. At the moment it is running in the opposite direction and nobody is stopping it!

    Let's hope in the other direction.

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